Stress And Anxiety Free Sundays Start Here

July 20, 2014

stress and anxiety free sundays

Impossible is nothing, especially for someone who’s been suffering from an anxiety disorder for months, even years. I just can’t tell you the power that this message this morning  has to someone who is currently deeply sensitized, and fears that their problems with panic and anxiety have gone on too long to overcome naturally.

 I’d love to hear your own struggles and success stories through generalized anxiety and panic attacks. Share your experiences in the comment section below. 

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4 comments on “Stress And Anxiety Free Sundays Start Here

  1. Warm and grounding words. Good advice and post, Dennis.

  2. I struggled/struggle with anxiety since i was elementary, but as middle school hit, social anxiety started evolving into this monster who controlled my life.. For five years, I have spent lunch in the library/bathroom because of the fear of judgment, and if I even thought about going near the cafeteria, I had panic attacks. Anyway, last year I took this religiously cause everyone from church, websites,etc said you get rid of anxiety with drugs or God.. So i started bring ot before Him, and it worked so slow, I thought that drugs really were the only true way to become anxiety free… Thankfully I never gave into that thought, and through blogging about my anxiety, and just reading these blogs, I feel like my anxiety has decreased SO much!