20 Days To A Stress Free Life (Video)

March 4, 2015

Stress, It’s a daily part of our human existence. Some people get overwhelmed by stress and let it interfere in other parts of their lives, while others have the ability to move past a stressful period and in general live a pretty stress free life. How do they do it? Surely they must have some sort of secret powers that switch on once stress shows up right?

Well, Sort Of…

Let me ask you a question; What is life to you? I mean in one sentence I want you to tell me how you generalize life. When I ask some people this question they say things like…

‘Life Is An Adventure’

‘Life Is A Roller Coaster Ride’

‘Life Is An Uphill Battle’

Now notice that each one of these people view life in a different way, and the way they view life ultimately shows you how they deal with stress in their daily lives. People who have a negative and restricted view of life, struggle with scenarios that might bring up some stressful feelings in them. People who view life as a game, or as an adventure are able to handle their emotions better and not let stressful situation overtake their love for life in general. Therefore living a stress free life.

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In the end we all have choices in this lifetime. Some choose to think that we’re on this earth with some sort of life purpose and we’re constantly looking out for what that purpose might be. While others see life as more of a game, and let the pieces fall where they will when they will.


“Your conditioning of what life is, ultimately plays the leading role on how you deal with stress”


So here’s the deal, until you change your view of the world nothing will change. You’ll wake up tomorrow morning the same way you always do dreading each and every part of the day ahead. That just isn’t good enough though, would you agree? I say take a stand. Show the world that you’re better than what your critical mind thinks of you.

Understand that to live a stress free life (which actually just means you can move through stressful situations quicker), you’ve got to become conscious of your thoughts and possibly actions when stress appears. How do you think in that moment, optimistically or pessimistically? What anxious habits have you built up over the years when stress appears?

Becoming conscious is taking a giant step towards living a stress free life. It show the world and yourself that you are in control of your life once again. Taste your food, ACTUALLY taste it. Notice your surroundings more. Hold Hands with your loved one and make it feel like it did the first times you were together.

“Become More Conscious And Don’t Let Your Anxious Programming Take Over When Stress Appears”

These are the baby steps you need to take to live a stress free life starting today.


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