1 Symptom Of Anxiety, 50 Potential Illnesses Thanks To Doctor Google

May 4, 2014

DR Google and anxiety

Have you ever goggled your symptom of anxiety before? Of course you have what am I thinking. Funny enough my anxiety would flare up if there was no WiFi where I was going, because I just had to research what this NEW symptom of anxiety was right away. Of course this cycle is one that many many people with constant symptoms of anxiety experience, reason? Because what’s the first line of treatments we have when it comes to dealing with anxiety? Doctors, unfortunately they aren’t too bright when it comes to dealing with a patients anxiety issues, and they are all trained to give the same answers which is medication and psychotherapy. That’s just not good enough for the average person who suffers from an anxiety disorder in my opinion.

Oh That Cycle Of Researching Symptoms Of Anxiety On Dr Google

Once the medication is given to us, the first thing many anxiety sufferers do is of course head back to trusted DR Google. We research the facts, success stories, and failures of this new unknown drug we are about to take. Problem is, keeping track of whether or not the anxiety medication is working or not causes the person dealing with anxiety to feel even MORE stress and anxiety. Than of course the anxiety sufferer doesn’t see the results they are hoping for from the medication (because the whole chemical imbalance theory is flawed), and immediately is faced with two options:

1) continue taking the prescribed medication that they were told will combat their depressed and anxious state.

2) Stop the medication and look for other options

Health anxiety is a very tricky thing, so don’t beat yourself up over the thoughts and symptoms of anxiety you are experiencing on a daily basis. Crazy thing is EVERYONE experiences things such as body zaps, lump in the throat feelings, sweaty palms etc but simply don’t view them as a threat to their lives. Examples of these feelings are for instance when a non anxiety sufferer goes to the movies and tears up, the lump in the throat feeling is present but the link has been made between the movie and the feeling. So the person knows there is no need to alert the inner alarm system that is built into each one of us.

There are a few things you can do starting today to get on the road to stopping your fears and symptoms of anxiety though.

So here are the 10 steps you MUST implement starting today:

1) Stop looking for instant results

2) Convince the part of you that doesn’t really want to change

3) Become knowledgeable about your condition, and understand that you don’t have an actual serious illness

4) Stop visiting the doctor about your symptoms of anxiety

5) Stop researching your condition on DR Google now

6) Stop listening to advice that isn’t working

7) Stop avoiding EVERYTHING that you fear

8) Slow everything you do down

9) Understand that you are not a mind reader, and can not read what others may be thinking about you

10) Understand that setbacks during the times of recovery from anxiety are inevitable

Begin implementing these 10 steps today, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the person you once were and ending your struggles with your symptoms of anxiety once and for all.

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4 comments on “1 Symptom Of Anxiety, 50 Potential Illnesses Thanks To Doctor Google

  1. We have all gotten into that Google mentality that we were warned about and it has forced us to stop thinking for ourselves and take the very first diagnosis that we find online.

  2. I look everything up online but my medical problems are the one thing that I don’t. That is best left to the professionals who can offer me real help that works and can make me feel better sooner.