TAGP 164: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Morning Anxiety Solutions And The Best CBT Books For Health Anxiety

December 20, 2018

“Many Times The Way You Start Your Day Dictates How You Feel Later.”

Mornings are for preparation. Preparing the mind, body, and spirit for the day ahead so that solutions can show up instantly to any challenges. The only problem is that most people never prepare themselves properly for the day ahead, and instead are highly unconscious with their morning habits (If this sounds like you, watch this video for morning anxiety solutions I made on YouTube).

Morning Anxiety Is No Accident, You’ve Worked Yourself Up To This Point

Whether you’re conscious or unaware of the habits that have formed your morning anxiety, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that with morning anxiety comes your inability to perceive the world in a neutral to pleasant manner. This misinterpretation only adds to your anxious character, and soon you find yourself worrying over pretty much nothing.

I’m excited to say that I’m going to help answer a very important question today on morning anxiety solutions. Not only that but the second question for todays show is about the best books for health anxiety based around the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy model.

Knowledge Is Useless Without The Understanding Behind It

This means that through my suggested best CBT books for health anxiety in this episode, you must understand the content within. This understanding will help you to digest how you got to where you are right now in your inner world.

I’m also glad that the person who asked the question of ‘what are the best CBT books for health anxiety,’ focused on health anxiety. The misinterpretations of physical symptoms of anxiety, and the catastrophic way health anxiety sufferers see their futures is enough for me to recommend you to read each of the 5 books shown today.

In today’s episode of the ask the anxiety guy podcast show I’ll be answering questions on:

  • What the best morning anxiety solutions are
  • Why morning anxiety is present in your life
  • Which CBT based books are the best for health anxiety

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