TAGP 68: Turning Your PANIC Switch Off

June 12, 2017

how to stop panic attacks“Is It Possible To Re-program Your Brain To Understand What’s A Real Threat And What’s Not? Sure, Why Not.”

Remember that first full blown panic attack you had? What a bewildering experience. All your sensations heightened, your mind running wild like a wild goose chase, and minutes felt like hours.

Quickly you begin thinking this is the one, this is the one that will end your life. How could it not? It feels so real!

“With Every New Full Blown Panic Attack A Sufferer Believes It To Be A Heart Attack, And Responds Accordingly In That Moment.”

Life after a full blown panic attack feels like a saber toothed tiger looking to pounce on you at any moment. The sensitivity to light, words, events, anything can be enough to lock ourselves in our comfort zones for days, weeks, months, years!

I know I did. 31 days to be exact in my home only stepping foot outside to take a breath of air once in a while. But all this fear stops today.

In this episode of the anxiety guy podcast I want to show you the truth behind this part of your brain called the amygdala that is running the panic show right now.

“By understanding panic we can train the amygdala to understand what is a real threat and what is a perceived threat.”

So if you’re currently going through a panicky chapter in your life, and fear the next big panic attack, this podcast episode is for you.

In Episode #68 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We Look Into:

  • What the function of the amygdala is
  • Why we experience these attacks out of the blue
  • The best way to learn from every full blown episode

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3 comments on “TAGP 68: Turning Your PANIC Switch Off

  1. Kathy Castleman Jun 12, 2017

    This was so good to
    Listen to today I will
    Practice sitting with my fear and not running
    Its so easy to give in to the old patterns It does take courage to face Daffy Duck head on . I realize im a work in progress and i am moving forward . Thank you for another educational informative podcast . I cant say enough how happy i am to be doing ine on ones with you Today i started to catastophise about the muscle i pulled So inread my list of gratitude 3 times took a cool shower and a short walk im ficusing on a picnic im going to kater today
    Give your NAT A PAT

  2. mohamed Jun 14, 2017

    hi dwnn8s yes i read abour it.. i have 2 questions.. first .u said u have to ho out and find sitution makes u afraid a d face it let sensations comes… i got it .. for me i get panic and fear while im in my room in toillte tak9ng shower.. our anyehere means constat fear.. its deffernce from panic arrack bcz its constant but it like waves its rises and stayes for houres then drops then raise again so how do i retrain the amegdala .. and i think thts why i have depersonalisation constatnly bcz constant fear of physical symptoms and of faint ot die……..secomd thing i remmber 4 yeaes ago i was starting to have anxiety a d fear i said to my self i need to break tht fear so i wanted to travel alone when i went to airport anxiety hit worse when i gor abroad i had paic attack then i had to got off the plaine.. i think since tht time i wanted to break i should have done it step by step.. and thts why wheever i want to travell with my friemds or family my anxiety getd worse untill i reach the other country its become like nightmare .. i count the mintes to go back to my country.. the amegdala regidtered wht happend 4 years ago and is still scare me with fear and bodily sensation..