Why Television Is The Worst Thing For Your Anxiety

December 21, 2017

“Everyone Has A Purpose In Life, Don’t Make Watching TV Yours.”

Many of us blame the television for excessive stupidity, obesity, and violence, etc. There is some proof that TV is responsible for the occurrence of certain negative human qualities; for example, viewers can become dumber depending on the programs being watched (and let’s not forget about all the subliminal messages being sent straight to your subconscious mind).

Below are some reasons why television is the worst thing for your anxiety:

1. Programs on television

The TV is full of stressful programs and most viewers tend to watch these such shows. Stressful programs do not consist of just horror shows and movies, but also include thrillers, dramas, reality TV dramas, and even documentaries. It is important for anxiety sufferers to be surrounded by positive emotions. It may be noted that there are not many shows on television that trigger positive emotions, and that can be bad for pre-existing anxiety.

2. Avoiding varied responsibilities

TV watching may sometimes be an indirect source of anxiety aggravation. There are many things that we need to do in life to become responsible humans, but we end up avoiding those things and spend our time watching TV instead.

Engaging in invigorating and success-oriented activities plays an important role in easing anxiety. This however becomes impossible for anxiety sufferers who spend all their time watching television, thereby not being productive or showing behaviors that can help lessen anxiety.

3. Sleeping problems

Lack of sleep is a major factor in the worsening of anxiety. Television is one of the major reasons why people do not get proper sleep. Most of us tend to stay up late to watch certain shows on TV. Also, watching TV can make it harder for people to sleep and we end up adding on wakeful hours to ‘wind down’ and go to bed. Anxiety sufferers hence have to take extra care to avoid watching TV till the wee hours of the night.

4. Lack of physical activity

Research has indicated that a lack of exercise and physical activity can worsen an underlying case of anxiety and stress. This is due to the fact that the body requires a specific level of exercise to be able to work efficiently. Watching odious amounts of television diverts the time away from exercising, leading to inactivity and subsequent increase in anxiety.

5. General excitement of the mind

Some studies have shown that excessive TV watching tends to excite neurons present in the brain (not in a good way). The more the numbers of neurons get excited, the more likely it is that anxiety sufferers will experience additional stress.

So it’s important to recognize in the end how TV watching could be affecting you anxiety levels, and begin replacing the tube with something more calming and productive.

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