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It has been a huge help and was worth it 100 times over. Just the amount of knowledge you gain from this program helps with anxiety because you learn to understand yourself and the problem better. This program was a major turning point for me, around when I started it is when I started to notice I was getting better. Dennis is an amazing human being, his voice is super calming and he is super helpful. If you are struggling please give this program a try. My one word of advice I can give people is to be consistent with the program. Do not expect instant results, change takes time. Thank you Dennis.
Mathis ‘The Kid’ OwhadiAmerican Ninja Warrior

Mitchell's life changed completely!

Before I found Dennis, I was a wreck with absolutely chronic GAD and health anxiety as a result of a few traumatic events in my life that all happened within weeks of each other. I started with Dennis's podcast and Youtube channel and then purchased his audio program, which really helped get my mind right. After that, I engaged with Dennis one-on-one and the transformation he helped me make in 4 weeks was incredible. My physical sensations are not only 95% gone, but most importantly they don't scare me any more. They've stopped controlling my life and they no longer make me lose focus on my work, family, friends and life in general. You don't cross paths with many people who are as genuine, humble and insightful as Dennis, so if you get the chance to work with him, I promise it will change your life. He did for me and I know he will for you too
Mitchell HarperSuccessful Entrepreneur (Featured in Entrepreneur & Forbes Magazine), Facebook Influencer, and Life-Long Student Of Dennis.
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Hi Dennis. Let me say that this anxiety program is nothing less than awesome. You taught me the best way on how to deal with anxiety and have made a complete transformation. Thank you!

Christopher Skands

Well I'm doing amazing. I've read & listened to both books and been doing the hypno and relaxation audios. This has really spoken to me deeply, I have STOPPED monitoring my body symptoms and sensations and have had NONE. No indigestion, dizziness or wired sensations. I've succeeded in driving to both short destinations alone several times with minimal anxiety. The part about religion spoke to me and I have put my faith back in Gods hands, no other program or book I've heard of mentions that. Daily anxiety is extremely decreased. Energy levels are going up.

Chelaine Walters

End The Suffering!

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This program is absolutely brilliant! So focused to help people overcome their innate fears in simple and achievable ways. It will help you regain confidence and to go on and achieve your goals and enjoy successes. I wish such comprehensive help had been available years ago when I truly need to understand how to deal with anxiety better.

Michael Sarvas

I have suffered from chronic anxiety disorder for years. Some mornings I can't even bring myself to step out of the house! Your extraordinary course has given me the tools I need to finally take the first steps to change my circumstances. What you teach mirrors my own past experiences and I find that so relevant and powerful! It's like you designed this program especially for me! Thank you.

Kelly Thomson

What I really like about the End The Anxiety Program is how amazingly perceptive you are of a person's emotions and deepest feelings. This is a revolutionary course that teaches you the most powerful ways on how to deal with anxiety. One that will genuinely help many, many people to live more full and happy lives.

Percy Mcgrady

Health Anxiety Freedom

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I have gained so much from your program within such a short period of time. I can't think of anything else that has helped my chronic anxiety in such a tangible way. Your support system has been a real help. First class customer service. I am pleased to recommend your CBT based products to everyone I know.

Troy Gillian

"The End the Anxiety Program" is powerful! The suggestions and techniques discussed in the program was above and beyond what I expected. This is genius work. I wish I could shake the hands of The Anxiety Guy and thank him for depositing something so valuable in my life!

Thomas Johnston

I have listened to almost half the audio guide and I must say the advice and guidance is so amazingly simple that it makes absolutely perfect sense. Completely focused to help people like me to overcome unproductive habits and anxiety and get on the right track of enjoying life. CBT is the way to go!

Henry Charles

A Support System Unlike Any Other

A Checking-in System Through The Program Keeps You Moving Forward!

This remarkable program is a resource that exceeded all my expectations. To be honest, when I downloaded it, I half-expected to find the run-of-the-mill "positive thinking" stuff you'd find in every self-help material. But this was different! You won't find any vague advice in here! Dennis, the Anxiety Guy, pulls out all the stops and delivers a solid resource. This is a MUST for anxiety sufferers. You'll only be kicking yourself if you miss this!

Lena Lewak

I purchased your program 2 days before hopping on a plane, something that I was dreading because of the weird chest sensations. At the time I didn't know how to deal with anxiety. I listened to your audiobook all the way through the first flight and it helped SO much. Listening to that book instantly calms me. Since the flight, my confidence in my health and my ability to heal has come back and I've noticed a decrease in the occurrence of the symptoms.

I'm loving the Fresh Start notebook! When my anxiety attacks first happened almost 10 years ago, I did not dive into recording the different thoughts throughout my day. When I started doing this, I realized just how many times a day I'm thinking something scary/feeling anxious. This has led me to be easier on myself for my recovery period because I am overcoming a strong momentum of fear.

Overall, I'm already seeing results. I had the chest symptoms this afternoon but relaxed and talked myself through them. So far, this has been the best day I've had since beginning the program.
Massive appreciation for this program!

Madeline Rinehart

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by Manny Fresco916 on Dec 17, 2017
RATING: ★★★★★

I listen to the anxiety guy podcast daily on my way to work and on my way home. Sometimes I listen to episodes more than once to help me get a deeper understanding and meaning. This podcast is amazing!

Exactly what I was looking for!!!

by Lorena G. on Nov 15, 2017
RATING: ★★★★★

I would like to mention that I had so many sessions with psychiatrist and therapists but there was no true foundation on how to first understand my anxiety and recover from it. Dennis podcast, YouTube channel, and one-on-one coaching sessions has been the best investment!!!! I would definitely recommend his podcast to any who is suffering from anxiety. It's literally life changing!!!! Thank you Dennis


by Jason Lee 1977 on Nov 25, 2017
RATING: ★★★★★

I have suffered off and on with agoraphobia and you are awesome! So much insight and encouragement . Keep up the good work. You are helping change lives in a positive way!

Game Changer!

by AccountingPro on Oct 22, 2017
RATING: ★★★★★

I don't know where I would be without Dennis and his program. These podcasts have been invaluable and I search through them if I am having a particular concern and am always able to find just the right one to help me through a rough day. There is something for everyone and the podcasts cover almost every anxiety subject imaginable. Amazing! Highly recommend it.