The #1 Reason For Today’s Anxiety Epidemic

March 31, 2015

The definition of an epidemic is a follows:

“a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.”

Now I wouldn’t characterize anxiety, and anxiety disorders as a disease myself, but more along the lines of ‘an extended period of false conditioning.’ That sounds a little less ‘scary’ and takes away the chronic-ness that comes with a word like disease in my opinion.

The dangers of placing certain labels on someone suffering from prolonged stress and anxiety is a very dangerous thing that I should point out. Many times the simple label of having an anxiety  ‘disorder,’ or being mentally ‘challenged’ can keep someone in the cycle of stress and anxiety far longer than they need to be.

But let’s get back to the more common numbers when it comes to anxiety in today’s world. I’m speaking of that day-to-day level of around 7.5 hovering near that 8.0 level of anxiety that so many are dealing with today. We sacrifice our physical, emotional and of course mental health for the sake of our careers many times, and once things fall completely apart we battle to find balance again in our lives.

So What’s Is The #1 Cause When It Comes To Anxiety In Today’s World?

Our anxiety is manifested due to the lack of awareness and the tools to stop the cycle . We live in a world of reaction:

  • We wake up in the morning, we run through our daily cycle
  • We get on the road, and react to the flow of traffic (it literally dictates how the rest of the day might go)
  • Someone comments on our ugly tie, we take it to heart
  • we feel a tingling feeling in our hands, we think the worst

Our brains are programmed to protect us, and boy does it do that and more. It scans minute by minute, hour by hour looking for the threat in everything so that it can set off the ‘trip-wire’ within us that will active our fight or flight responses.

“Little Do Most Anxious People Realize Today, Their Fight Or Flight Response Is on All Day Everyday!”

We’ve forgotten that in order to create the change we want in our lives, in this case lessening our anxiety levels and bringing some sort of peace and balance back in our world. We must begin to build skills, notice the word BUILD. many people have felt what joy, gratitude, peace, calm feels like because they’ve experience it before. They also believe that one day, when the time is right those feelings will magically appear again.

The Truth Is A Skill That Hasn’t Been Practiced Consistently, Loses It’s Power Over Time And Becomes Foreign.

So the truth is we must find the tools in order to bring back those much-needed feelings back into our lives. Laughter is one of the most popular healing methods in the east, and yet we rarely do it here in the west! One way to practice the art of laughter is to throw on an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway, I mean that show gets me every time!

By having more of these types of positive ‘tools’ in our tool box of life, we can begin to tip the scales from anxiety to balance in our lives. Some techniques such as meditation, yoga, tai chi etc might be a little foreign to some.

With time the journey from anxiety to peace through such techniques will become second nature, and with it you’ll have grown out of your anxious reactive ways, and into a world of compassion for yourself and others.


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4 comments on “The #1 Reason For Today’s Anxiety Epidemic

  1. Nice info sir

  2. Nancy May 18, 2015

    Our brains are our worst enemy. Once they get flowing after waking up, it can make or break the day depending on what you have on your mind.