The 4 Characteristics To Transform Your Life!

August 5, 2015

Today we’re going to look at the four characteristics of a warrior mindset.

Here are the four characteristics of a warrior mindset:

  • Knowing What You Want
  • Committing Yourself to Your Goal
  • Taking Courageous Action
  • Determination to Finish What You Started

That’s it!

Simple right? Absolutely!

Easy? Not so much.

Let’s take a closer look at these points. Again, these characteristics play an equal part in competition, health and fitness as well as life.

1 – Knowing What You Want: Many people can’t get pass this one. They THINK they know what they want, but really they know what they DON’T want. This lends itself to lack of commitment and as soon as they hit a little resistance…BAM, they’re blown out of the water. When things just aren’t going as planned this time that the most people bail, because they don’t know what they want.

2 – Committing Yourself to Your Goal: This point of failure is linked directly to “knowing what you want.” The reason most people won’t commit to their goal is they really don’t know what it is and if they really want it. Let’s face it, if you approach a goal with the attitude “it would be nice to achieve this” are you really committed? If not, why waste your time going after it!?

3 – Taking Courageous Action: Notice I didn’t say timid action…I said courageous action. This means being bold, taking risk, putting yourself out there for the entire world to see. Sure ANY action is better than no action. If you’ve got points 1 and 2 above nailed down, take a long hard look at this one. Nothing happens without action…period!

Results are directly proportional to a person’s energy AND their action….no action, no results. Timid action = timid results. Courageous action = spectacular results!

4 – Determination to Finish What You Start: This by far is probably the toughest to adhere to.  With the emphasis today on multi-tasking and the “next best thing” right around the corner many people become distracted. If they don’t become distracted, as soon as they hit a wall or a dip they’ll look for an easier way. This point is also closely tied to point #1 – “knowing what you want.” If you truly, deeply know exactly what you want you will find the determination to finish what you started.

You’ve just been given the four key components for success and read about the four characteristics of a warrior mindset.  And yet there hasn’t been given a single solitary point that absolutely points to the reason why people fail…or has there?

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll see that there is a common thread through ALL the points mentioned above.

Want to know what it is?


Yup…the individual is the main reason for their success and their failure.  This may sound pretty harsh…but it’s true.

OK…so this might have been a little tough to comprehend. It’s not the individual per se, it’s how they think that is the number one reason why they “fail.” This post should have been a massive eye opener for you, and I can only hope you’ll take this valuable information, and apply it into some aspect of your life. STARTING TODAY!

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2 comments on “The 4 Characteristics To Transform Your Life!

  1. Jill Greene Feb 20, 2016

    For me, knowing what I want is so vague. I cannot pin point what it is that I want exactly, so making those goals that I want to reach is hard.