9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Anxiety Guy

August 20, 2014

So I ran through a few emails last night. A few people who have gained some interest in The Anxiety Guy ‘mission as I like to call it, would like to know a little bit more about the man behind all the cool posts on anxiety disorders. So I decided to put together a few of my absolute favourite things to do (post anxiety disorder of course) and share them with you, the very people who are my inspiration behind the mission of helping people deal with anxiety naturally. So let’s do this!

9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Anxiety Guy:


1) I Love To Consume Very Large Amounts Of Sushi With My Baby Boy Any time, Any Place

the anxiety guy


2) I Love Traveling The Globe and Make Funny Faces In Pictures Because They Still Make Me Uncomfortable

The Anxiety Guy


3) I Can’t Go More Then 2 Days Without Watching Another Episode Of Covert Affairs

Things you didnt know about the anxiety guy


4) There’s Nothing I Enjoy More Then When Things Go Bang In The Sky!

learn about the anxiety guy


5) I Start Every Morning Of My Day With A Power Mix Of Apple, Ginger, Beet And Carrot Juice



6) My Abolute Favourite Snack In The Whole Wide World Is Salted Seaweed Strips

The Anxiety Guy


7) My Absolute Favourite Snack In The Whole Wide World THAT I CAN’T EAT Is Bacon ):

who is the anxiety guy


8) In My Spare Time I LOOOOVE Making Strange And Interesting Cake Designs (yes, that’s supposed to be a minon from Despicable Me)

best blog for anxiety and stress

9) Finally, I love Bringing The Child In Me Out To Play As Much As I Can Each And Every Day (my fiancee on the left)

who is the anxiety guy

So there you have it, a few quick and quirky facts about how I go about my days. This list of 9 things actually gave me some real nice insight into what kind of a person I used to be, and who i’ve become and I definitely recommend you do the same. See if you can put a list of 9 things you enjoy doing more then anything together, and see if you’re being true to yourself and doing those things on a daily basis. I hope you enjoyed the ‘getting to know The Anxiety Guy a little better post, and I welcome all your comments and questions in the section below. 

Have an inspired Wednesday everyone.


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12 comments on “9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Anxiety Guy

  1. Always good to get to know people in our virtual sphere, a little more. Here’s to Roasted Seaweed (a fave), Sushi, and playing. Three gotta haves. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Dennis.

  2. Sheikh Aug 29, 2014

    I think that’s a great cake you have there! I think it looks quite professional, great job on making it! I love the design and the eyeballs. You seem like a nice cake artist too, Thanks for sharing!

  3. David Aug 29, 2014

    I love traveling around the world as well, I think it’s quite fun and can be adventure and nice to know about other cultures, etc.

  4. Thank you so much for opening a little window into your soul AG. Your baby boy is absolutely adorable.

    Seaweed is an amazing snack. Not only is seaweed totally yummy, it’s such a great health food. I also love your apple, ginger, beet and carrot juice power drink. I’ll bet that’s yummy too.

    Finally, that minon cake is amazing. I’ll bet it’s yummy too.

    • Thanks Karen, if you like the minions you should see my Avengers cake, truly awesome 🙂

      • Wow! An Avengers cake? I can only imagine how awesome that must me. I love the Avengers.

        I hope you post a photo at some point of all your cool cakes. Your adorable child is so lucky to have such a talented daddy.

        • *Blush* thanks Karen you’re swell. The next time you swing by the coldest place on earth known as Calgary Alberta, i’ll make sure to have an Avengers cake ready for you.

  5. efpierce Sep 2, 2014

    Bowl of bacon sounds so good but since I have gotten back into the gym, it’s a no-no! I am curious about the salted seaweed strips; where do you get yours? I looked online and came up with nothing.

    • I usually pick them up at the local organic market, pretty sure you could probably find a similar store in your area. A great replacement for potato chips.