Cris’s Experience With The Anxiety Guy Life Coaching Sessions

December 19, 2014

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Hi there my name is Cris Hutchins, I wanted to share some insight into what I‘ve learned through coaching with The Anxiety Guy over this past week…

What Is Anxiety?

Many ordinary people suffer from anxiety, but have you given any thought about what anxiety actually is? Anxiety is a term used for different disorders that can turn into physical symptoms that are caused by being tense, nervous or worried. Anxiety is usually considered an unpleasant feeling and it’s hard to deal with it. It has some similarities to fear, but it’s still a completely different feeling. The feeling is usually accompanied by muscular tension, restlessness, fatigue, and problems in concentration. Although anxiety can be appropriate sometimes, if it’s too much and stays for too long then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety can be easily recognized by people. Usually the feeling of anxiety bring a worried facial expression to the one that suffers from it. Other nervous habits such as biting your nails, or going back and forth across a room can be an indicator for anxiety. Getting a panic attack is also common for people with anxiety disorders. All these problems can lead to a more unhealthy life and this is why anxiety has to be treated, otherwise it’s bad for you and the people around you.


The Internet Can Back-Fire Sometimes

When looking for a solution on how to handle anxiety, people usually turn to the Internet. The bad thing is that most of the results they get are about anti-depressant pills and therapies. Although these methods might work, there are many easier and more pleasant ways of getting rid of anxiety. The Anxiety Guy health anxiety coaching sessions are where such solutions can be found. The sessions are dedicated to helping people with anxiety disorders to get rid of the problem in an easy to understand and apply way, without having to spend loads of money on pills or therapies. By going through these Skype sessions and getting proven knowledge and guidance on what to do, you can easily overcome your anxiety problems in a matter of weeks.

The Anxiety Guy health anxiety life coaching sessions are run by Dennis, an experienced anxiety CBT and NLP trainer. The entire anxiety guy team is hardworking and truly dedicated to helping people overcome their panic and anxiety issues naturally. Dennis also keeps you very accountable when it comes t o regular contact with you during the week, he really wants to know that you are keeping up with your side of the anxiety coaching sessions and are implementing what you are learning.


How I Use The Anxiety Guy Blog

The blog is updated every day with new and interesting articles. A real treatment for anxiety is one that you do by yourself with someone’s who’s been in your anxious shoes, not with a therapist. By using emotions or imagination you can easily overcome your problems and the blog is able to show you how. With great and dedicated writers that love their job, the articles are always seductive and attention-grabbing. In order to get rid of all your anxiety problems you can simply start following the blog and change your life.

Forget about all those therapies and pills, the real treatment starts with you! The Anxiety Guy coaching sessions are the real deal if you’re truly looking to end your health anxiety and panic attack naturally.

Cris Hutchins

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  1. Avatar Anxious91 Jan 31, 2015

    It looks like you have a great system going here. The blog is a great outlet for you. Good luck!