The Day An Anxiety Naturopath Fell Into My Lap, And Said All The Right Things

August 6, 2014
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Woah, this was much less scarier then the emergency room.

It was 3 years ago, and my determination to end my anxiety disorder naturally took me on a path to visiting a naturopath. I had tried everything everyone had told me to try including my very kind, but very repetitive and boring anxiety therapist: God, calming potions, some strange herb with 6 different numbers on it, miracle techniques online for panic attacks, even sharing my troubles one night with my beloved dog… Binny.

Nothing seemed to work, and sadly the guidance I was getting was from people who had absolutely no clue what it was like to have an anxiety disorder, or knew much about the condition in the first place. So I ran into an ad in the local newspaper that Read:

‘Are You Exhausted? Do you feel stressed? Are you constantly worrying about things?’


Yes sir, that all sounded like me for sure. It was an ad for a newly opened Naturopath just a few blocks from my house. I thought what the hell, let’s go see what she has to say…

So there I was a few minutes in Sonja the Naturpath’s room, explaining my whole panic and anxiety sob story to her.


She then mentioned something called Candida Albicans.“Candi wha?” I asked. I had never heard of it, but apparently it had affected me greatly. She told me that many leading edge researchers these days believe that anxiety is in fact symptomatic of an overgrowth of candida in the body, and that it is a combination of more than 80 different poisonous toxins in the body. These toxins can in fact mirror and interfere with many of the body’s hormones, such as adrenaline for example, and when this occurs such feelings of intense anxiety can be induced. She followed up this extremely valuable information with a list of symptoms that could be caused by candida overgrowth, and asked me to reply with a yes or no when she named each one to me:

“Foggy mind? “Yes,” I replied.  “Depression or mood swings?”

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I don’t think i’ve ever said yes this many times in a row doc…

“Yes.” “Panic attacks?” “Yes.” “Poor memory.” “Yes.”  “Extreme fatigue? “YES!”

(The Yes’s went on for another 30 seconds if you were curious)

It seemed the stars were all aligned that day, and when you see a glimmer of hope after suffering with GAD and panic attacks for as long as I did, it seemed like a small miracle, one I needed to follow up on to see if my symptoms I was experiencing would subside.


So I added certain things to my diet that would help detoxify my body from these invaders such as:


Acidophilus – Acidophilus helps to maintain a balanced gut flora by helping to keep harmful bacteria under control. It greatly assists in protein digestion, and also produces B vitamins and has an antibacterial effect that greatly adds to the detoxification of harmful substances. Vitamin C – Vitamin C will allow your immunity to get stronger and overtake the yeast infection faster, a weak immune system 6513163765_5bc6128a2e_zmakes you more prone to yeast infections. Coconut Oil – In its purest form coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that can help in preventing the spread of yeast infections. Garlic – Consuming just one clove of garlic daily can be used for treating candida infections as well as other bacterial infections in the body, mainly because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Ginger – A natural anti-fungal agent, ginger can be taken by chewing a piece each day or by crushing it and boiling it with a cup of water and taken as tea up to three times a day. Water – two litres of purified water a day is essential to flush out any toxic substances and yeast that is present in the intestines and genital areas.


“Diet is one part of anxiety that has always been overlooked by sufferers and is a very important part of the overall package that is needed for an eventual cure.”


But changing these foods recommended by my naturopath as well as shutting out artificial, fried foods and foods with preservatives wasn’t an easy task and didn’t happen right away for me. It started with very small changes here and there. Instead of a eating a fun looking cereal for breakfast, I replaced it with granola that tasted like cardboard (my taste buds have since adapted).

Have you visited a naturopath before for your symptoms of anxiety perhaps? Share your experiences in the comment section, and follow along the anxiety guy blog for the latest and greatest when it comes to natural anxiety relief.

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8 comments on “The Day An Anxiety Naturopath Fell Into My Lap, And Said All The Right Things

  1. Yes, diet!!

    You have your Binny and I have Bailey and Logan. They are often my go-to source for calm. 🙂 I could go into considerable detail but will simply say — Bravo! to alternative medicine and healing. It was an acupuncturist who immediately identified trying a probiotic for something that had been dogging me. Worked ike a charm and it remains part of my daily regimen. Glad to learn you had/have a Sonja in your sphere. 🙂

  2. vergie santiago Aug 19, 2014

    Thank you for this enlightenment.

  3. …good stuff my daughter needs…

  4. It was actually a naturopath who first suggested I was anxious and not dying as I believed. The ER doctors I saw before simply manufactured potential prognoses, even to the point of prescribing high doses of ibuprofen for the tightness in my chest. So I agree! Incorporating natural medicine into the healing process is key.

    • Glad you were able to turn things around though a naturopath. Our stories will definitely show others that there are healthier ways to go about healing an anxious mind, and a fatigued body then falling for the trap that doctors put us through.