3 Signs Your Body Is Telling You It’s Time To Handle Your Anxiety

December 28, 2017

“It All Comes Down To How Someone Or Something Managed To Get To Your Subconscious Mind.”

Anxiety is a mental condition and most of us associate the disorder with a state of being worried and excessive stress. We think of anxiety as a condition of being unnecessary fearful of varied things in life, wherein anxiety sufferers may always seem to experience a feeling that something dreadful may occur.

Anxiety can be observed in actions as well as thoughts. But we need to understand that anxiety also results in physical anomalies, and one of the main triggers of such physical symptoms is prolonged stress. Below are 3 signs that your body is telling you that it’s time to handle your anxiety:

1. Feelings of being ill

handle your anxiety

Stress induced by an underlying case of anxiety can trigger feelings of being truly sick.

“Such sensations typically exhibit symptoms which are similar to other kinds of physical illnesses.”

Anxiety sufferers may feel completely nauseated, rumblings in the stomach, and feel excessive pressure in the abdomen and gut. Most experts are of the opinion that varied common sensations of illness, including nausea, are caused due to problems with adrenaline and serotonin hormones.

These tend to function abnormally when under the influence of anxiety and stress. This process may also be a part of evolution and the fight or flight response, wherein during times of increased fear, the gut signals the brain about being afraid via the usage of the sensation of nausea.

Some anxiety sufferers may elicit additional physical symptoms other than nausea. They may suffer from symptoms which occur when going down with flu or a common cold. They may feel as if their tongue is excessively dry, lightheadedness, swelling of the glands, indigestion, extreme abdominal discomfort, and coughing, etc.

2. Lack of sleep

People with anxiety often find it difficult to shut down their brains and go to sleep. A lack of sleep or insomnia is a common problem of the modern era, but if it occurs on a consistent and long term basis, affected people begin fearing such nights of sleeplessness, thereby increasing anxiety.

Experts have stated that anxiety is closely related to maintenance insomnia or onset insomnia. The lack of activity at night as well as the quietness of the night can lead to the occurrence of unnecessary fear and thoughts which can then prevent a person from sleeping. Insomnia can be a really terrible experience, as I know very well.

3. Breathlessness

Most anxiety sufferers tend to feel as if they may have a cardiac arrest whenever they are in the middle of an anxiety attack. They experience lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and very rapid heartbeats. Affected people become extremely aware of their shallow abnormal breaths; they may also feel as though they are not in control of their breathing.

“Breathlessness may occur consistently, it may come and go, or it may keep persisting for an indefinite period of time. This sensation of breathing not being as effortless as it should be, can further aggravate anxiety.”

People who experience any of the above mentioned physical symptoms of anxiety should begin an NLP and or CBT directed method to end the anxiety cycle in the shortest time possible. Reason being, the mind likes to group things around what’s familiar and if anxiety is prevalent in a person’s life, the snowball could begin getting bigger if left unchecked.

If You Recognize These Symptoms In You Share Your Personal Experiences Below

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16 comments on “3 Signs Your Body Is Telling You It’s Time To Handle Your Anxiety

  1. Edwin Dec 28, 2017

    Hi Dennis,
    Since the past 4 years, I am a anxiety sufferer and i have made great progress.II have learned or convince myself that when panic attacks hit me, it will not harm me and it has gotten way better BUT what i can not get over is my shallow breathing as you explain in #3 above. No matter what I try its a constant battle, its in my mind most of the day.
    Is there something you can suggest i can try to get rid of this constant problem/worry. Will your CBT help me?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Edwin. I’ve been in those shoes and also coach many people personally who are going through this cycle. It’s always a back and forth battle until the core beliefs below the surface of conscious awareness gets taken care of, and that’s what the cbt program on this site does and has helped many move from emotional pain to understanding and freedom. ❤️

  2. Jaynene Dec 28, 2017

    I can’t say enough about how important the breath is. I never realized how shallow my breathing was. It’s amazing how the breath can lower the anxiety feelings, that rush of cortisol. Deep slow breathing really helps!
    Thank you Dennis!

  3. I actually just came down with the actual flu and I thought I was dying. I went to the doctor a few times and they said it was the flu and they couldn’t do much just ride it out. I was miserable for 5 days constant panic anxiety attacks because of how bad I was feeling. Now I’m better and I’m scared! I’m scared Dennis! Because I keep thinking what if I feel that again or what if I panic again . When I get one single moment of feeling ok i question it. Thanks for your post

  4. Amanda Dec 29, 2017

    Hey Dennis,
    I know all three of These Situation especialy The sleeping ist very difficult for me. Also very hard are therefore muscle pain s in Neck and that even goes in The Face … And triggers The fear of snapping Burnout Out etc…
    I am sry for my gramma Im from Germany.
    I want 2018 to bei my year to Recovery AS soon as I passed my Last Test in Januar .
    I am a big Fan from You Dennis
    So You have advice?
    Thank You

    • Begin to recognize when the events that have everything to do with your anxiety today happened and work with someone to visually edit those events. Than begin shifting your physiology, your body into postures that support the good psychology you want.

  5. Connie Dec 30, 2017

    I need help changing a memory.

  6. regina bisner Dec 31, 2017

    thank you for your posts of Anxiety. I have become aquainted with having anxiety more recently beginning in 2009. i don’t feel that I had it prior to then. I feel that mine came as a direct result of drugs addiction. my question is, now that i have 5 years clean will i ever out grow anxiety?

    • Neuroppasticity shows that the brain is very capable of change no matter the length or severity of anxiety. I’d suggest a method based around the teachings of CBT and NLP to move you forward starting today.

      • Patty Jan 1, 2018

        Thanks for posting that question. I can totally relate. Staying sober with this anxiety can be rough. Always wanting to feel better, relaxed, normal again. We know what ever we were addicted to will not work anymore, but just want some relief.

  7. Mackenzie Jan 23, 2018

    Dennis, Truly, I feel like what I have been dealing with for 22 years has finally come to the surface. I am so thankful to you. I have started my road to recovery with my therapist, and loved ones around me are happy that I am finally receiving the help that I deserve. I know we can all get through this together.💕🤗😘 Love you all. I can truly feel the love. Let’s keep our heads held high! 💕🌎🙏🏽