TAGP 09: Top Supplements We Use To Maintain Excellent Mental Health

February 29, 2016

best anxiety support podcastOn episode 9 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we share the herbs and supplements we take to in our lives to maintain great mental health. It’s important that people understand the maintenance part of having excellent mental health. As someone who has overcome debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, I understand the importance of momentum. As humans it’s very easy to fall back into the constant stress and anxiety cycle for daily life.

To counter this worry cycle, supplements can play a big part. But always remember that these supplements to maintain excellent mental health are just that, sidekicks. They are not the end all be all to excellent mental health. It’s up to you to keep the momentum going towards living a stress and anxiety free life.

Things you’ll be learning through The Anxiety Guy podcast episode 9 are:

  • What supplements work and didn’t work for us to maintain excellent mental health
  • How to judge if a supplement is working or not
  • The proper mindset to get the most out of a herb or supplement

Maintaining excellent physical and mental health is a process. This journey takes dedication and persistence. take the time to listen, download, and fully understand what supplements worked for myself and Robyn. Hopefully they will work for you as well!

Disclaimer: By no means do we get paid for showing these supplements, nor is this a replacement for professional advice. This episode is strictly our experiences and suggestions. 

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7 comments on “TAGP 09: Top Supplements We Use To Maintain Excellent Mental Health

  1. Tammy Mar 2, 2016

    Dennis , I really love your podcasts . I can relate to your story,I feel like you are talking about me and to me . And for the first time ever I found that the guidance from you is really working., so happy that I found you . I know it’s a long way ahead of me but I have accomplished a lot , After years of suffering my palpitations stops and I am able to ignore all my chest pains . What is still with me is that constant dizziness , like walking on the clouds . Can you make next podcast about it and how to get rid of it . For me it is really hard to ignore it .

    • Great input. Not sure if you currently feel like this, but there was a time I thought that feeling would never go away. The problem for me was mental and physical fatigue, Too much daily stimulation kept me stuck with dizziness etc. Thankfully I cleared that up and haven’t fallen into the worry cycle trap since.

  2. Tammy Mar 2, 2016

    Dennis , I wanted to add that magnesium supplementation helped me a lot . Have you tried it ?

  3. Tammy Mar 3, 2016

    I have been taking magnesium for more than a year 150 mg 3 times a day ,but I started with higher doses . It helped me a lot with racing heart . At one point i stopped taking it and racing heart returned . It took again about a month after starting magnesium to slow down my heart again . There are all kinds of magnesium and it is important to find out which one works the best for you . I like citrate and oxide didn’t work for me at all. It is the most powerful relaxation mineral and quite safe to take it , almost impossible to overdose . Also the magnesium deficiency is very hard to detect because only 1% of magnesium is in our blood .

  4. Nancy Milher Mar 27, 2016

    I have heard of some of these, but not all. What are your feelings about buying supplements for anxiety online?

    • I suggest you do your research on the company. Naturopaths who specialize in anxiety have the best supplements for anxiety, and can give some great advice on what brands are best.