TAGP 83: The 3 Types Of Thinkers In The World

September 25, 2017

“Old Ways Wont Open Up New Doors.”

Have you ever thought about why you connect so well with the people you do? The truth is that thinking styles tend to stick together and you’ll find that to be the case with most of your relationships. But could your thinking style also be affecting your emotional and mental health? Absolutely, so it’s time to dive deep into this topic today as you learn something new about you.

All thinking styles have their pros and cons, but some hold the person accountable while others are wired to make excuses. Excuses for why they’re not where they want to be, for why they feel the way they do, and these people need a serious wake up call in the form of this episode.

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.

There’s also the opposite of these styles of thinking in the form of being guided and open minded. These people have immense flexibility in thought and behaviour, are in touch with their spiritual side, and see things clearer than most. This is a thinking style that we all have the opportunity to adopt, and in turn alter the path of our lives

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change its processes, and it’s within each of us. If you’re currently living a life of anxiety, dread, panic, catastrophic thinking, and just can’t get a firm grasp over your life this episode will open your eyes to a new you. With this knowledge you can move into the world more open minded and with deeper a understanding.

In Episode #83 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We Look Into:

  • How you adopted the thinking style you currently have
  • Why it’s so vital to change your current conditioning
  • How a new thinking style will create a different reality for you

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2 comments on “TAGP 83: The 3 Types Of Thinkers In The World

  1. Olivia Oct 1, 2017

    Hi dennis just listening to you FBL and you said if you got the program a few months ago which i did you have undated it a bit so to let you know to send me on the relevant stuff thanks