Understanding Health Anxiety A Little Better

August 31, 2017

understanding health anxiety

Health anxiety is a condition marked by excessive worrying that you are ill or may fall seriously ill, despite the confirmation from specialists that you are perfectly healthy. Even when tests find no medical ailments, sufferers may perceive normal sensations or mild symptoms to be signs of a severe underlying condition.

People with a pre-existing disease, or those in the high risk group, often tend to be overwhelmed with worry. Any symptom or sensation associated with some disease may be construed by the sufferer that they are suffering from that illness.

For example, people with family history of skin cancer may perceive a normal spot on skin to be a sign of cancer. Such increased anxiety can then lead to elevated distress which can be very disabling.

Symptoms of health anxiety

  • Preoccupation with having or being afflicted by a serious disease
  • Being easily upset about the status of one’s health
  • Worrying that normal symptoms of anxiety may be signs of a severe medical condition
  • Reassurance from doctors or negative diagnostic test results fails to offer any solace or affirmation about one’s good health
  • Increased distress about possible underlying ailments that may hamper daily life
  • Excessive worrying about suffering from a particular disease or getting it in the future due to a family history of that disease
  • Checking the body repeatedly for signs of diseases
  • Avoiding activities, people, or places due to the fear of becoming ill
  • Frequent visits to doctors for reassurance about no underlying condition, or avoiding doctor consultations for fear of getting diagnosed with a severe ailment
  • Regularly searching the web for different symptoms of varied diseases
  • Always talking about different diseases and one’s health

Causes of health anxiety

The factors below may play an role when it comes to the cause of health anxiety:

  • Children of parents with increased worry about personal health are more likely to suffer from health anxiety
  • Poor understanding of different diseases or bodily sensations
  • Serious illness in childhood or past experience with abnormal and physical symptoms or fearful sensations
  • A sudden panic attack

Understanding Health Anxiety Through Treatment Options

Treatment for health anxiety means you no longer are aiming towards coping and managing the problem, you’re actually ready to put it behind you. No method will work until you take full responsibility for your health anxiety, and understand that the coach/mentor/counsellor is only there to show you the path, but you must walk it.

Treatment for health anxiety means gaining full acceptance, building on evidence that supports your good health, having an excellently educated anxiety support group, and taking daily actions to create neutral emotions in the face of things you fear. When you begin understanding health anxiety better through the End The Anxiety Program, The Anxiety Guy Podcast, or videos below, you gain power over your subconscious mind, and can begin your conscious journey towards freedom.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and or Neuroscience Linguistic Programming can also help to identify the fears and incorrect beliefs that are engrained in the subconscious mind, learn different ways to overcome unhelpful thoughts, and inculcate better self-help behaviours.

Regular exercise; healthy, balanced diet; participation in family and social activities; breathing techniques, yoga, meditation; lifestyle changes; avoiding alcohol; quitting smoking; and avoiding searching the web for different diseases can also help treat health anxiety.

Understanding Health Anxiety Is Crucial. Watch The Videos Below For A Deeper Understanding

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6 comments on “Understanding Health Anxiety A Little Better

  1. Olivia Sep 3, 2017

    If this is health anxiety, then its obvious I’m a patient of this health condition because I worry a lot about falling ill. I’m glad I just a deeper insight into the symptoms and causes, I can now control my health anxiety to a large extent.

  2. Julie Sep 5, 2017

    I have had what i thought to be every symptom under the sun with health anxiety and seen countless specialists. Im currently experiencing a new, very scary symptom where it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I feel ok when I first wake up then it gradually gets worse as the day goes on. It almost feels like when you have a cold and cant catch a deep breath without coughing. I just started a new job last week and this all started mid week so I am trying to convince myself its just stress. But I cannot stop worrying that its something more. How do i distract myself from these exagerated, worse case scenario thoughts? And is this a common anxiety symptom? Thank you.

    • Can be a part of anxiety yes. Always best to get a check up on something that lingers for more than a few weeks though. Thought restructuring, altering behaviours and identity, and speaking directly to the subconscious mind that holds all these core beliefs within you are important. This program will get you on your way to understanding and change: https://theanxietyguy.com/my-program/

  3. When you enumerated the symptoms of health anxiety, I couldn’t help but gasp a little. You mentioned preoccupation of being afflicted with a serious disease and the idea that affirmation from a doctor about the person’s good health does not offer solace in the list. I noticed those symptoms in a good friend of mine, and it was really hard to see him like that because it’s also affecting his work and daily life. It might help his situation if I invite him to therapist’s office to discuss his anxiety problem. Thanks for sharing.