What Are The Real Affects Of Anxiety On You?

July 16, 2014

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Unfortunately, anxiety can have a profound impact upon a sufferer’s life and relationships. To cope with the symptoms of anxiety and panic, people may start smoking or drinking too much, or misusing drugs. They can also start to avoid certain situations and only maintain those relationships that support their negative views on life.

An individual with anxiety problems may find it difficult to hold down a job, develop or maintain good relationships, or enjoying leisure time. Sleep problems can also make anxiety symptoms worse and reduce a sufferer’s ability to cope.

For some, anxiety can be so overwhelming that it takes over their  lives. They may, therefore, experience severe or frequent panic attacks, for no apparent reason, or have a persistent underlying sense of anxiety. This can then trigger other anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia or OCD.

There are natural ways to reduce anxiety that are appropriate for certain types of anxiety problems.

For example, learning controlled breathing is particularly useful for controlling panic and gradually facing the situations and things that you fear (exposure) is particularly useful for phobias. Other anxiety solutions include:

Guided relaxation techniques – the symptoms can be controlled by breathing and relaxation techniques, and by

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replacing distressing, negative thoughts with positive, peaceful ones.

Assertiveness training – for some, learning how to handle difficult situations and to stand up for themselves can make
them feel more confident and, therefore, more relaxed.

Complementary therapies – can help people to relax, sleep better, and deal with the symptoms of anxiety. Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, homeopathy and hypnotherapy are methods that can be used.

Exercise – can help people cope with anxiety and feelings of tension, and improve sleep. It uses adrenalin and other
hormones, produced under stress, allowing muscles to relax, as well as raising levels of serotonin.

Good methods of exercising are walking and swimming as they allow individuals to be active at their own pace and choose whether to exercise alone or in company.

Healthy living – a healthy diet and plenty of sleep, as well as avoiding stimulants such as coffee and cigarettes.

Talking to someone who’s been in your shoes before – can help relieve feelings as others may have had similar experiences. I know in my own personal success story over debilitating anxiety, without a mentor who I reached out to when things looked dim for me… I might just still be the one looking for a solution to my anxiety, just as you are.

The interesting part about society today is we’re all searching for quick answers to our problems, and when that doesn’t work say in the form of anxiety related prescriptions, or certain techniques or therapy, we give it up and go back to our old ways of coping with anxiety.


Because that’s what we’re used to, that’s what we know. the unknown world of recovery from anxiety can be so foreign to someone that they may in fact fear the steps it may take to stop anxiety naturally. If this sounds like you, begin your road to recovery through the #1 online anxiety program today and end the coping and ‘getting by’ once and for all.

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  1. This isnt really about this post, but i didnt know how else to ask this. Sorry.
    My church is going to an amusement park next week, and everyone in my group rides roller coasters. Ya know, everyone but me.. ive ride them a long time ago, but for a while now i haven’t beem able to cause im terrified I’ll fall out. Of the seat going up the hill…
    Is there any thing i could do to be at least not as freaked out having to ride it?