So Dennis, What’s Life Like After Anxiety And Panic?

November 27, 2014

Here’s a question I get daily which is ‘what is life like after anxiety and panic disorder?’ I get asked things like:

  • Have some of your habits changed?
  • Do you eat differently?
  • What kinds of tea do you drink?

Basically yes, life is incredible and I couldn’t have done it without perseverance and the will power to continuously apply the CBT  methods I’ve learned. It’s also funny that once you feel the confidence flowing from overcoming one fear, it snowballs into other areas of your life. All of a sudden you feel like a real life superhero who just doesn’t have time for fear.

Join the conversation, share your comments and experiences living with anxiety and panic disorder in the section below.

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4 comments on “So Dennis, What’s Life Like After Anxiety And Panic?

  1. Esmeralda Villa Nov 27, 2014

    I’m really interested if you can beat the anxiety naturally. Since i suffer from stomach problems doctors say its gastritis gerd ibs and it gets so bad and all they prescribe me besides prevacid is lorazepam and zoloft. I want to be normal again because after i go thru that flare up I’m left anxious being afraid to go out and with some scary thoughts please help

    • Thanks for sharing Esmeralda. The best think I can do for you is personally help you through the end the anxiety program. A CBT program designed to systematically desensitize you from your fears if followed properly. You can learn more about in HERE. Looking forward to helping…

  2. Gregory Dec 1, 2014

    Desensitizing yourself from your fears seems like it is easier to say than it is to do. Of course, if a person is strong, they certainly have a good chance to overcome fear.