What’s The Best Way You’ve Learned To Deal WIth Anxiety?

May 17, 2014

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This was a question i’ve been asking people on my current email list, and have gotten may different responses lately. Some of us learn best when it’s in a 1 on 1 environment where a teacher, therapist, coach sits with the person who’s dealing with anxiety and shows them the ropes. Others seem to prefer Skype conversations with a teacher. Or i’ve also heard e-Books and or anxiety audio programs online seem to do the trick when dealing with anxiety. The bottom line is:

We All Seem To Learn To Deal With Anxiety In Different Ways

I have to say the years I spent on my home computer in my dark room at home, chatting with other fellow anxiety sufferers online in forums and chats led me no where. We all just brought our anxiety, panic attack or depression problems out in the open, and the generous support was overwhelming but there was one big problem; The problem was that you can’t teach a poor man to be rich if you’re also poor, which in anxiety terms simply means:

An Anxiety Sufferer Simply Can’t Do Much More Then Be A Shoulder To Lean On For You

It was my comfy place and I made many friends online, but I simply never found a way out of dealing with anxiety. anxiety forums, chats etc always seemed like the place for peace and answers for my problems, little did I know back then that it was merely a huge valley of sheeps simply walking around trying to find their homes (sorry, best example I could find).

So What Works Best For You In Dealing With Chronic Anxiety?

I want you to think of your positive results and where they have come from when it comes to managing your anxiety. Join in on the conversation in the comment section!

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