What’s The Deal With Taking Anxiety Medications?

April 22, 2015

I’ve been getting a ton of emails lately asking about anxiety medications. Mainly things like:

  • What are the long term effects of anxiety medications
  • Have I ever tried Ativan
  • How to stop taking anxiety medications if taken already for a while

All fantastic questions. Trust me, back in the day I was one of the most confused person in the world when it came to what type of anxiety medication I should take, and if there was an alternative that was more natural.

I certainly touch on the subject of long term effects of anxiety medications in the video below, and yes I’ve taken Ativan before. I thought I literally couldn’t live without it, until I actually started to live without it. There was no real strategy to it or anything really, I just made a decision and stuck to it no matter how bad my symptoms of anxiety got.

Do I recommend that to people with severe anxiety?

Definitely not.

I believe it takes a combination of seeing the big picture, and your long term goals. The big picture means how it is preventing you from doing some of things you want to do right now, and long term goals as in do you want to be relying on a pill forever, and living in fear for the rest of your life.

It truly takes a strong decision, and a great support team by your side to rid yourself of taking anxiety medications.

With some of those points touched on, let’s get to the video and gain a much deeper understanding when it comes to medications for anxiety:

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3 comments on “What’s The Deal With Taking Anxiety Medications?

  1. Mason May 18, 2015

    Anxiety is such a tough one to get over and of course, it depends on what type of anxiety that you have. Some are generalized, while others are just anxious when they are in public settings. Good work overcoming yours!

  2. Catherine May 28, 2015

    Following almost 10 months of caring for my husband with late stage-4 cancer, then his passing in September 2014, my doctor prescribed Ativan (1-2 tablets nightly), stating that I needed something PLUS the Prozac he put me on to “get you over this hump because you’re so out of it right now that you don’t even realize how much so.” After several months of 1 tablet nightly, I began to have difficulty with my short-term memory…like WHAT did you just finish telling me?? I honestly thought it was ME! With preparation for an upcoming serious accident I was involved in, my atty asked what medications I was currently taking. Immediately upon finding I was taking Ativan, they wanted to cancel the court case for six weeks to get the Ativan out of my system. Imagine my surprise when they informed me that they’ve had issues with their clients who are taking Ativan and their inability to recall even basic details of the incident!! No. I’m not taking any more of those things. I’ll just read all night and stumble to work in the morning, thank you. I’ve been off them for over a month now and my mind has cleared–I feel more like my old self mentally.