Who Is The Anxiety Guy?

February 10, 2016

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d make a short video showing you the struggles I went through with generalized anxiety disorder, health anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Recovery from anxiety took three very important steps for me to accomplish:

  • Perfect practice
  • Persistence
  • Patience

Perfect practice meant that I couldn’t cut corners when it came to challenging my anxious beliefs, changing my physical habits, and re-conditioning my thought process. I had to make sure that I practiced my new perspective every minute of everyday. This meant that I had to be very conscious of which thoughts would take me deeper into stress and anxiety, and which thoughts took me towards calmness and peace.

Persistence meant that I had to look at setbacks from stress and anxiety as one small step back. I learned that setbacks are a part of recovery from stress and anxiety. This was just a part of the process, and if I wanted to end my anxiety disorder I had to be persistent. Of course there were many days filled with thoughts like ‘I’ll never be stress and anxiety free.’ But those days became less and less as I persisted in the face of my greatest fears.

Patience was extremely necessary for me because everyone recovers from anxiety at their own speeds. One persons recovery from anxiety story will never match another’s. So I had to be patient and not check to see if things were getting better everyday. I had to just let the process take form. I had to let recovery from stress and anxiety simply happen as it may. Patience takes some deep willpower, but gets easier as your anxiety levels drop.

I truly deep down believe that my podcast under The Anxiety Guy on iTunes will make a huge difference in your life. So please do yourself some good and subscribe through here. Inspiration in the form of a feel good anxiety success story can move mountains. It will truly shape the way you look at your stress and anxiety, and give you the tools to overcome your challenges.

Let’s get to the short video…

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4 comments on “Who Is The Anxiety Guy?

  1. John Tipkey Feb 20, 2016

    Your story is a great one. I have read your blogs many times and it appears that you have overcome something that can be very daunting for some. Great work!

  2. Andisho Feb 24, 2016

    Great story! Not cutting corners is the best thing that you can do and anything that happens as a result of that is a testament of your hard work and determination, right?

    • That is absolutely correct. There is no magic wand, but persistence in the face of great setbacks will get you there.