Gain Self Mastery and Take Control of Your Life!

This powerful online workshop led by renowned anti-anxiety CBT coach and NLP Master Practitioner The Anxiety Guy, Dennis Simsek, will help you manage anxiety and self-master your life.


Do you suffer from constant anxiety that prevents you from enjoying your life? Are you overwhelmed with stress and negative thoughts?

You are not alone.

The Anxiety Guy is here to help you transform your mind, body, and spirit and regain control over yourself with an incredible new 4 week online workshop!

Expertly created by NACBT Practitioner and award-winning anti-anxiety podcaster Dennis Simsek, this amazing 4 Week Online Workshop is designed to help you break through the mental barriers of anxiety.

Using proven, effective relaxation and visualization methods to lessen sensitivity towards fear, you will learn how to change your thought patterns and perceptions of everyday things that bring you anxiety. By doing so, you will reach a level of self-mastery that will allow you to live a happy, anxiety-free life.

In addition to relieving yourself of generalized anxiety, you will understand how you can overcome the fear that is currently holding you back from reaching your dreams. This powerful workshop provides you with the tools to gain control over your life and the confidence to achieve all of your life’s goals.

The Anxiety Guy Online Workshop

The workshop consists of 4 weekly phases that provides you with a variety of self-mastery skills. Running each month, they are conducted live with Dennis over Google Hangout and are limited to only 10 students per workshop.

Over the course of the four weeks, you will be taught life-changing methods for gaining self-mastery over:

● Your Mind (Week 1)

● Your Body (Week 2)

● Your Spirit (Week 3)

● Putting All of Them Together for Your Entire Life (Week 4)

The Workshop That Will Change Your Life!

4-week Workshop
You'll Never Be The Same
4 sessions

On Google Hangouts

Starts First Saturday Of Each Month

12pm to 1:30pm PST

Deadline For Sign Up The 2nd Of The Month

Dennis’ friendly and professional approach means that you will feel comfortable, at ease and excited to learn these extraordinary techniques that will have you in full control of your life in only one month!


The Anxiety Guy Was Just Like You: Like all anxiety sufferers, Dennis Simsek felt that he was trapped inside his own mind and believed that he was doomed to a lifelong sentence of anxiety, stress and worry. As a professional tennis player, his career suffered due to his anxiety and constant panic attacks that were overtaking his life.

However, Dennis was able to turn his entire life around through a remarkable desensitization plan that allowed him to turn fear into freedom. This completely natural system was an amazing alternative to anti-anxiety drugs that never properly addressed the root causes.

After completely changing his life for the better, Dennis decided it would be his life’s duty to help other anxiety sufferers through mentoring, coaching, and by sharing his incredible methods with them.

All of this has led to Dennis becoming world renowned for The Anxiety Guy movement, and creating this life-changing online workshop to give others a chance to self-master their own lives.

Dennis is living the life he has always wanted and you can too!



and begin your journey to a relaxed, anxiety-free life today!

 * (All Online Workshops Are Held Every Saturday At 12 pm PST on Google Hangout)