heal your anxiety

TAGP 228: 5 Nature Lessons That Will Help To Heal Your Anxiety
Can spending time in nature help to heal your anxiety? I believe it can. Environmentally, energetically, as well as through ...
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anxiety guy podcast episode

TAGP 227: How To And How Not To Talk About Your Anxiety
There’s a right way and a wrong way to talk about your anxiety. Lucky for you, I spent years doing ...
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anxiety support team

TAGP 226: How To Make The Most Of Your Anxiety Support Team
Your friends and family make up your anxiety support team. But if you’re not on the same page as those ...
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coronavirus anxiety

TAGP 225: How To Deal With Your Coronavirus Anxiety
Fear is the lowest vibration we as human beings can ever experience. Due to the coronavirus anxiety that many are experiencing ...
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morning anxiety feeling

TAGP 224: The Biggest Morning Mistake Leading To That Anxiety Feeling
I’m sure you’re already quite familiarized with that anxiety feeling you get in the morning. You wake up initially feeling ...
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TAGP 223: 5 Best Anxiety And Mental Health Apps For 2020
We live in an app crazy world which is why it’s important to have some powerful mental health apps on ...
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Meet The Anxiety Guy

Dennis Simsek here, the founder & host of The Anxiety Guy. A top ranked self-help Podcast where I share my knowledge and experience on the causes of anxiety, as well as the best options for people going through these life challenges. The Anxiety Guy podcast was awarded Best Of iTunes in the health category because of my passionate commitment to help guide people from a life of coping with the daily challenges they face, to defying their fears once and for all.