Are you ready to finally put health anxiety behind you for good?

If you answered YES, I know you’re at the point of total dissatisfaction with health anxiety and ready to reclaim your life. But how? You’ve probably already “tried” everything, only to find yourself in an endless loop of frustration and disappointment.

You need a system that works.

That’s where my 12-week health anxiety program comes in.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Waking up every morning only to feel your anxiety symptoms present once again.
  • Paying constant attention to your hypochondria symptoms and never truly being present.
  • Under- or over-visiting doctors to get your anxiety symptoms checked.
  • Opening up to others about your health anxiety but finding that no one truly understands your struggles, leading to loneliness and frustration.
  • Living a life focused on preventing the worst from happening rather than creating your best life.
  • The constant fear of dying at every corner.

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re in the right place

Get the Health Anxiety Program

Don't Just Cope... Heal!

I used to be right where you are now. Back then, it truly felt like I was babysitting my health anxiety symptoms every day. If they were present, I wanted them to leave. If they weren’t present, the unfamiliar feeling of inner peace also led me to feel vulnerable and uncertain (because hypochondria can feel very familiar over time).

I wasn’t living; I was only surviving. I would hear people speak but never understand their words. I would spend time with my family but never feel connected. I didn’t know who I was anymore, that is until I began putting a targeted action plan together to heal my hypochondria for good.

This health anxiety program has worked for thousands of people worldwide

It can do the same for you

"After years of suffering from health anxiety I have finally moved on with my life free from the fear of dying and anxiety symptoms. Thank you Dennis for making such a powerful program."

- Nick Peters

"I only wish I started the health anxiety program earlier. It's amazing to have someone hold you by the hand everyday and tell you exactly what to do to heal health anxiety. Thank you so much Dennis."

- Loren Metz

"No need to look anywhere else to heal your health anxiety, this program has it all."

Ana Colangeli

This 12-week structure is targeted at hypochondria, eliminating hypochondriac symptoms and providing you with the most powerful tools for health anxiety treatment.

Get the Health Anxiety Program

Don't Just Cope... Heal!

You see, beneath your health anxiety and hypochondriac symptoms are trapped emotions connected to fear.

These trapped emotions are encoded within your anxiety symptoms and are trying to keep you from experiencing similar feelings of overwhelm and fear from a past event in your life.

Your symptoms of anxiety are nothing more than messengers, and it’s time to begin sending back a new message of safety to your body.

The journey toward the label of health anxiety could have come from any direction. One moment could have caused this level of sensitivity to your senses and nervous system, leading to hypochondria. Or, numerous experiences could have affirmed the fact that a physical ailment was imaginably inevitable.

Also, suggestions, beliefs, and the actions of others could have easily been the energies that embedded you with the programming that eventually led you to be a health anxiety sufferer.

Do you want to know the greatest roadblock for a health anxiety warrior on their road to freedom? I call it the standing guard cycle. This cycle assumes that if a health anxiety sufferer stands guard at the doorway of their body throughout each and every moment of their life and reacts instinctively and fearfully to anything that may seem “abnormal” to them in their body, they stay in the safe zone.

The safe zone is where sufferers feel they have to live in order to survive. They hope for change but run the same mental and emotional patterns day after day due to their mistaken belief that safety lies within worry and maintaining what’s familiar.

Through the 12-week health anxiety program, you will become fully empowered to no longer stand guard at the doorway of your own hypochondriac symptoms. To eliminate your fear of death and habitual reassurance-seeking forever.

When the mind gets out of the way, the body can once and for all heal itself.

This health anxiety program includes the highest quality audios and videos for daily guidance within 12 weeks of daily work with me.

All you have to do is listen to one audio every morning upon waking and apply that targeted task to your day.

I will take you by the hand each day so that we take the confusion out of your hypochondria symptoms and your health anxiety healing.
So, if you’re ready to become more than anxiety and put a life of fear behind you for good, let’s begin your health anxiety healing journey today.