health anxiety treatment plan

How To Proceed With A Proper Health Anxiety Treatment Plan

“To create a proper health anxiety treatment plan we must uncover how we got here.” – Dennis Simsek Imagine thinking ...
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perfectionism and anxiety

Perfectionism And Anxiety, Is There Really A Connection?

Perfectionism and anxiety, what’s the link? We’ve grown up believing that everything we do has very little ‘wiggle room.’ Things ...
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my mental health

5 Teachers That Have Helped Heal My Mental Health

Some may call them artists, others mentors, and others gurus or even gods. I call them teachers because that’s what ...
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depersonalization disorder

Can Depersonalization Disorder Really Be Cured?

If you really want to confuse yourself ask 5 different people about depersonalization disorder and you’ll get 5 different answers ...
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for health anxiety meditation

Why Body Centred Healing Is Vital For Health Anxiety

Why allow our emotional bodies to dictate how we think and who we are, when we can work with the ...
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unresolved trauma

5 Signs You Have Unresolved Trauma

To explain unresolved trauma we have to first change the meaning of trauma. Many people think of it as physical ...
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Fuck Coping Start Healing Is Now Out On Amazon (OVERVIEW)

My latest book Fuck Coping Start Healing is now out on Amazon as a #1 new release in Canada and ...
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5 Important Ways Of Dealing With Energy Vampires

People have been asking me whether there is actually such a thing as energy vampires that steal the life force ...
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weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia

Weighted Blankets For Anxiety And Insomnia, Does It Work?

Feeling anxious? Can’t sleep? Originally Intended for people with mental health conditions and children with autism, it was not long before ...
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