These anxiety guy meditations are companion pieces to the end the anxiety and inner circle programs which will accompany you on your healing journey past anxiety and towards total inner transformation.

Reframing Upcoming Challenges

This meditation will prepare you for any upcoming challenge, from a new experience to a particular environment or a person who makes you feel sensitized and anxious. Even simply facing the day ahead. The goal of this session is to help you see beyond your initial fears and habits. With continued use, you’ll strengthen your conscious thinking mind and be able to override the survival instincts that tell you to run or fight back against a situation. Soon, no experience will be too challenging to face anymore.

The Grey Room

A beautiful guided imagery session that focuses on altering your negative beliefs and shifting your emotional state. The tremendous lightness that comes over a person is felt right after the first session is done. Through repeated use of this anxiety meditation you’ll begin feeling like your perceptions are naturally shifting. With these perceptual shifts you’re going to begin lowering the volume of your irrational fears and anxiety, and strengthening the volume of inner peace.

Overcoming A Setback

This guided meditation focuses on moving past a recent setback that may be keeping you stuck. This is a great audio to use whenever you find yourself mentally and emotionally caught up in a recent experience that keeps you from enjoying the present moment fully. Our goal is to progressively spend less and less time worrying about something that took place in the past, and to be able to re-perceive what occurred faster so it serves us better. This session will get you there in the fastest time.

Deep Sleep Meditation

An essential component of anxiety recovery and inner transformation is the length and quality of sleep we get each night. In this deep sleep meditation for anxiety, you will find yourself leaving the day behind and trusting in the calmness of the present moment. As the quality of your sleep improves, so will your ability to think greater than your feelings of anxiety. This, in turn, will lead to inner ease and trust in this transformative journey that you’re on.

Evening Anxiety Affirmations

As your day comes to an end, it’s important to create a peaceful inner state so that you can sleep soundly. These evening affirmations for anxiety relief will take you away from catastrophic thinking about any future event and allow you to experience a deep sense of inner trust and self-love. No more beating yourself up for past mistakes, no more perfectionism, no more inner chaos. It’s time to tap into your true voice, the one that will lead you towards becoming more than anxiety.

The Magic Frame

The magic frame emphasizes the use of your body (somatic healing) along with your imagination. This session works with the information within your energy field to put something negative behind you once and for all. This anxiety meditation engages in the somatic, energetic, and emotional components to bring about deep levels of healing and inner peace. As you put the past behind you you’re going to feel like you’re truly on a path towards anxiety recovery and your true purpose.

Mindful Eating Meditation

This meditation takes you toward strengthening your mindfulness during eating sessions, which is essential because most anxiety sufferers rush through their meals. You will begin to truly taste and smell your food, and enjoy your meals, as you tap into the power of the present moment. Healing anxiety is undoubtedly a result of slowing down in everything you do. So with continued practice of this mindful eating meditation for anxiety, you’ll no longer feel a pull toward speeding through your meals and through your day.

Reframe Childhood Traumas

Our bodies are a representation of our past — what we feel today is a result of suppressed emotions and personal labels we’ve been holding onto based on our past traumas. This powerful reframing session will resolve what needs to be resolved from your past. You’ll also be able to forgive yourself and others at a deep subconscious level once and for all. In time, the anxiety you feel will dissipate, and a newfound feeling of inner peace will take over.

Health Anxiety Healing (Mapping Meditation)

Health anxiety can rule a person’s thought patterns and emotional states, and it can leave a person clinging to their comfort zones. With this mapping meditation, we’ll create harmony between you and your body, so that it no longer feels threatened continuously by each symptom of anxiety you experience. This beautiful guided session will put your mind and intuition back in the driver’s seat of your life so that you can finally trust in a body that can naturally heal itself of anything.

The Positivity Effect

It’s time to amplify the good feelings in your body. Through this somatic and imagery based session you’re going to begin feeling a deep sense of self worth, self respect, and self confidence. Your anxiety recovery is dependent on your level of self worth which makes this anxiety meditation that much more important to use daily. With daily use the stored negative energy in your body will be replaced with a more long lasting empowering energy.

Fear Of Driving (Mindfulness Session)

The fear of driving can cripple a person’s life. During this mindfulness session, you will drive while being guided by me. As your speed slows down, and I bring your attention back to the positives of driving, you will experience much more pleasure and ease during your driving sessions. As your confidence in yourself and the other drivers around you grows, this positive shift will show up in other areas of your life as well.

Mindfulness Shower Experience

A mindfulness meditation that you can listen to in the shower to bring you away from future catastrophic thinking and back to present gratitude. With continued use you’ll find that you’re much more attached to the little things that bring you inner peace. Anxiety will begin fading away during your shower sessions and will be replaced with calmness through the words and tones in this guided meditation.

Fear Of Flying

In this powerful guided imagery session to overcome the fear of flying, we will shift your perceptions at the deepest levels so that flying will be a pleasant and calm experience rather than one you have to struggle through. As we establish a new perception over the beginning, middle, and end of a flight, we will provide safety to a body that has been highly sensitized toward flying in the past. This guided meditation for the fear of flying will have you looking forward to your next flight with excitement.