Optimal Nutrition For Mental Health Is Our Main Goal Through This Powerful Nutrition Program For Anxiety

Introducing Health and Wellness Coach Robyn Olsen! The co-founder of the Eat To Beat Anxiety Program and a vital piece to my personal anxiety recovery story

Did you know that your gut health directly influences your inner stress response?

Most alarming! Medical research recognizes that ongoing, chronic stress, either positive or negative can lead to depletion of nutrients, illness, aggravation of existing disease conditions, which accelerates your anxiety.


Is It Possible To Heal Anxiety With Nutrition? Most Definitely!

It’s vitally important we understand that each and every one of us has unique nutritional requirements. It is never a one size fits all approach. A nutrition program for anxiety will erase your confusion, and set you on a path towards healing your emotional and mental health.

The Eat To Beat Anxiety Program Helps You Understand Exactly What You Require, Based On:

  • Ancestral heritage (microbial gut flora)
  • Allergies and Intolerances
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Candida
  • Inflammation
  • Emotional Stressors
  • Current Dietary Damage
  • Ancient Healing Traditions

It’s important to understand that particular symptoms of anxiety are no accident.

What if you observed these symptoms as an opportunity to communicate with your natural healing system to provide your body with exactly what it requires. Nutrition for mental health is becoming a necessary component to healing, and it’s essential that you take this part of your life very seriously.

To heal fully and achieve vibrant health, you must repair your depleted body with:
  • Parasympathetic nutritional foods
  • Herbal tonics
  • Adaptogenic herbs
  • Self care food rituals

You can’t afford to make your next meal the wrong one. This could potentially be the missing link in your anxiety recovery that you have been searching for!

Here are just some of the chapters that are covered in The Eat to Beat Anxiety Program:

  • Anxiety Symptoms Explained 
  • Candida Detoxification
  • Toxic Kitchen Cupboard Cleanup
  • Adaptogenic Herbal Formulas
  • Adrenal Healing
  • Elimination Diet 
  • Meal Plans & Grocery Lists
  • Tea Library 
  • Recharge & Nourish Self Care Routines
The program also includes the official Eat to Beat Anxiety Food-Mood Journal, over 50 recipes, and the most powerful mindful eating meditation available today!

Stop coping with your symptoms of anxiety, through the #1 nutrition program for anxiety available today.