*Only Available To Those Who Are Currently Enrolled In, Or Have Completed The End The Anxiety Program

Inhale The Future,

Exhale The Past.


Have you essentially given up on your anxiety? Do you feel that trying to fight back, solve it, or change it is now pointless?

Don’t throw in the towel just yet. With help from the best thought leaders today, coming straight from the mouth of fellow anxiety sufferers who've turned fear to freedom, you can finally learn to embrace your anxiety and use it to improve your life rather than negatively effect your life.

With the anxiety workshops online (Skype) and local workshops you will gain emotional muscle in the form of lifelong help and lessons.

We truly believe you’ve found the right place to begin removing fear and anxiety from your life.

What do the weekly Power Workshops include?

Each Power Workshop online is a 30 minute seminar that Dennis (The Anxiety Guy) will be giving on a subject related to anxiety, and a 30 minute Q & A after to answer your most important questions on the topic related to anxiety (1 hour total).

*Expert guest speakers will be present as well from time to time.

What people say about the workshops:

“Thank you so much for offering me an amazing chance to be a part of this great community. Finally, I can share my feelings and get support from like-minded people. This online anxiety workshops are totally incredible.”



What's included in the online Power Workshops?

You will receive the Best Nutrition Plan For Stress & Anxiety E-book that will give you incredible insight towards lessening your anxiety levels through proper nutrition. Also a SKYPE code will be sent to you that will bring you direct access to the group session.

Space Is Limited Weekly To 25 People

So Get In Early

What do I need to bring?

A journal is always a good idea to take notes during the anxiety workshops. As well you must have a SKYPE account to take part in the Workshops online.

It’s time to start asking: why am I punishing myself?

Perhaps your answer is simple. Perhaps you see your anxiety as stupid and you feel stupid for feeling that way. You keep your emotions buried deep inside yourself, because you see them as feeble, irrational and unworthy of mentioning aloud.


Words from people we've helped with their anxiety:

“The thought leaders made it so much easier for me to learn how to manage my problems, and provided me extra boost to stay right on track. I'm so grateful that I took part in this workshop.”

Well, I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.

The only thing that’s wrong about all of this is that you equate your anxiety to stupidity.


Your anxiety is there for a reason. As soon as you embrace and accept that reason, you can start to move beyond crippling worry and fear about things that you feel are actually quite trivial.

Anxious thoughts stem from somewhere and nowhere all at the same time, but they are nothing of which to be ashamed.

When you become a part of one of our powerful workshops, you will meet like-minded people and learn that you are not alone.


Online Power Workshop Schedule:

Every Saturday At 3PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) Via Skype.

Topics: All topics will be updated weekly through the Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/theanxietyguy so Join The Community Today and get all the updates.

*Local Anxiety Workshops in The Vancouver Area are Beginning in 2017, so check back soon.

More words from real people:

“I have seen a lot of improvements in just a few weeks after being a part of one of the workshops from the anxiety guy. This is totally amazing. Thank you so much for your help. This community is a MUST for everyone who is suffering from anxiety.”

You will learn that your constant struggle against anxiety is something to be admired, much as it is for other sufferers. Simply going about your daily life is an impressive feat in itself. So every time you fall, do not fret or berate yourself.

Help yourself get back onto your feet and let your new community of understanding friends help you.

Transformation is about preventing the fear from consuming you

What makes life difficult for you is the spiraling hole through which we descend when anxious thoughts emerge in our mind.

The key to overcoming anxiety is replacing such thoughts when they come to the forefront of our conscious. With the help and expert CBT based advice from Dennis as well as other speakers, you can learn how to replace your limiting core beliefs, with evidence based new empowering beliefs.

You can learn from people who actually understand what you’re feeling.

It’s time for a change

Be A Big Part Of The Next Power Workshop Today!

Space Is Limited Weekly To 25 People

So Get In Early

*Only Available To Those Who Are Currently Enrolled In, Or Have Completed The End The Anxiety Program