what is keeping your anxiety alive.

TAGP 05: What Is Keeping You In An Anxious Cycle?
If you suffer from an over worrying habit that leads to heightened sensitivity and anxiety, you are running some debilitating ...
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starting a new chapter in life

TAGP 04: Ending Generalized Anxiety Disorder In 6 Essential Steps
People who suffer from Anxiety Disorders tend to have extended periods of intense feelings of fear or distress sometimes out ...
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Controlling your own mind

TAGP 03: Learning To Control Your Mind Through Mental Health Challenges
Our minds can be our greatest servants in life, or our worst enemy depending on how you condition it. Once ...
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hiding because of social anxiety

TAGP 02: How Is Anxiety Affecting The Main Aspects Of Your Life?
Notice how your days are just speeding by? You unconsciously run the same thought patterns day after day, and therefore ...
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TAGP 01: Welcome To The Anxiety Guy Podcast!
The Anxiety Guy’s very first podcast brings you the roller-coaster life of a man who struggled with anxiety disorder for ...
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Meet The Anxiety Guy

Dennis Simsek here, the founder & host of The Anxiety Guy. A top ranked self-help Podcast where I share my knowledge and experience on the causes of anxiety, as well as the best options for people going through these life challenges. The Anxiety Guy podcast was awarded Best Of iTunes in the health category because of my passionate commitment to help guide people from a life of coping with the daily challenges they face, to defying their fears once and for all.