“Challenges are what make life Interesting. Overcoming them is what makes it meaningful”


Ready to step out of your comfort zone, and into a world of health and abundance? This 21-day challenge will test your character and will create a change in your life. It will challenge the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual side of you so get ready!


One Small Step Per Day To Success

You’re much stronger than you may think you are, and if you stick with me through the 21-day wellness challenge you’ll truly have a head start against your mild to severe anxiety levels.

(This 21-day wellness challenge was put together for you, the anxious minded individual. If you feel that some of the challenges are a little too far outside your comfort area, do your best to complete the challenge at a pace that’s right for you. By incorporating these small changes into your daily life for the next 21 days, you’re going to prove to yourself that you truly are much stronger than you currently think. Let’s get to the first day’s challenge!


Challenge #1) Water Up!

21 day wellness for anxiety challengeYour rituals define you as a person. Remember that certain challenges such as today’s Water Up challenge should not only be done today, but be applied to your daily life for greatest benefits. The Anxiety Guy VIP membership access is about forward thinking, not only is it for the deeply sensitized person who is suffering from higher levels of panic and anxiety, but everybody will be able to unlock their true potential through challenge such as these.

Challenge: Consume eight glasses of purified water throughout the day.

Don’t forget to post any questions, comments and success stories on the Facebook Page so that we can grow a community of inspired individuals.

Key Notes:

– Make sure to keep a journal on your great progress throughout the 21-day wellness challenge.


Challenge #2) A New Day, a New Workout

As we are just getting underway in the 21-day wellness challenge, today is an extremely flexible day for you. Today it’s your chance to try something new.

Challenge: Partake in an exercise routine that is brand new to you. This could be anything from a new class at your gym to a power walk outside.

Key Notes:

– Sign up for something new such as a yoga class, pilates, tai chi, kick boxing or even a step up class.

– Check YouTube to find a new video that will get a light sweat going.

– The choice is yours, just make sure it’s a minimum of 30 minutes in length. That way you’ll get plenty out of challenge #2.


Challenge #3) Out With the Old, In With the Newcostco-kirkland-seaweed4

Today’s challenge is all about replacing your favorite snack in the whole wide world, with a healthier option.

Challenge: replace your favorite snack with a healthier options today.

Key Notes:

– Replace salted potato chips with salted seaweed strips, chocolate bars with dark chocolate pieces. This challenge takes some research and some thinking, but you may just get attached to your new snack alternative


Challenge #4) Belly Breathing and Meditation Session

Today you have the opportunity to give yourself the gift of peace. For most of the people on this site who are going through a tough time with anxiety and panic attacks, this may be quite a challenge. But you have to start somewhere right?

Challenge: Follow THIS meditation/relaxation session by one of our professional support team… Marie Gardiner.

Key Notes:

– If this challenge was difficult for you don’t be too hard on yourself, the practice of calming your mind and simply breathing can be difficult for most

– I challenge you to get better at this meditation session daily


Challenge #5) The Fine Art of Gratitude

Gratitude is your secret weapon against pessimism and negativity. Today’s challenge is all about being conscious of what you have, not what you don’t have.

Challenge: Take 5 minutes today solely to focus on what you are grateful for in your life. Maybe a significant other that has been caring for you lately, a pet, a place you can call home, anything.

Key Notes:

– When we get so caught in the cycle of wanting, we forget about the great things we actually have around us such as a roof over our head, our family, our health and so on

– Practicing regular gratitude will open doors in your life that you never knew existed


Challenge #6) A Herbal Solution

Herbs are an amazing alternative for almost any mental and physical condition in the world. Today your challenge involves trying a brand new herb in tea form. When I lived in the eastern part of the world herbs were a daily addition to most meals and teas, and truly gave others the calm and peace they deserved.

Challenge: Visit your local organic food store, vitamin store, farmers market or tea store and try a new herbal blended tea you’ve never tried before. You just might fall in love!

Key Notes:

– Take your time, sip slowly, and enjoy….


Challenge #7) Get To Bed!hotel_motel_sleeping_accomodation_clip_art_17092

Today’s challenge has to do with getting to bed at the right time. The goal is to get a full 9-hour restful sleep, so this will take a little planning on your part.

Challenge: Plan your evening around getting a 9 hour restful sleep. No excuses, just do it.

Key Notes:

– With all the things we have to get done in a day, your mind and body crave sleep more than ever.

– Don’t forget to share your progress on The Anxiety Guy Facebook Page!


Challenge #8) Live, Love, and most definitely Laugh!

Did you know that after my 6-year struggle with anxiety disorders, I literally had to re-teach myself how to laugh again? Today’s challenge has to do with finding laughter again in your life.

Challenge: Through whatever means you may choose, put yourself in a place where you’ll be able to bring together the feelings of joy and laughter again. This could be going to a comedy club, watching ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ on a YouTube video, seeing an episode of Mr. Bean, anything to bring up a snicker or two.

Key Notes: Each and every day you should put a bare minimum of 30 minutes aside to laugh. That laughter may come from a favorite movie with your favorite comedic actor; it may come from visiting a stand-up comedy show, it can come from anywhere. Plan this time to give back to yourself, see you in tomorrow’s challenge!


Challenge #9) Create Your Vision Board

A vision board can truly bring out some amazingly powerful emotions within you. Simply by having your vision board up on a wall somewhere, trains your subconscious mind to attract what it is you truly desire. This desire doesn’t have to be some kind of physical desire either; it can be something as simple as a joyful family photo.

Challenge: Purchase, a small board from any local store, get a few magazines together and begin cutting out photos of your greatest desires and placing them strategically around the board. The photos don’t have to be materialistic things; they can be people laughing and having a good time, anything you want.

Key Notes:

– A great way to get ideas for your vision board is to simply write down what it is you truly desire in your life. The first time I was introduced to the idea of a vision board was through the movie The Secret, and it has changed my life forever and will do the same for you.


Challenge #10) Did Someone Say Juice?Juice Cleanses: Are they effective?

One of my personal favorite things to do is to get my juicer out, and come up with different varieties of fruits and vegetables to create my masterpiece with. If you don’t have a juicer your local juicing shop or organic market is a great secondary choice for today’s challenge.

Challenge: Come up with your very own tasty mix of fruits and vegetables, and juice them together in a large cup of your choice.

Key Notes:

– Nothing else gives you the ability to pack so many minerals and nutrients into one small cup like juicing does. Work towards incorporating a glass a day into your everyday life and remember, no excuses!


Challenge #11) Date Night!

It’s time to separate the inspiring from the dull batch of friends or close relationships you have, and take that person out for a great date night. Make sure this person is someone who is generally positive, happy, open-minded, and simply has a great energy about them.

Challenge: call up a friend and ask them to meet you for an evening at the local tea house, an appetizer, anything that will get you out of your comfort zone and into the energy of building up your relationships further.

Key Notes:

– This particular challenge will take some thinking and planning. If you can’t think of anyone in your life that fits, try to find a family member that would like to spend a few hours of their time with you

– Don’t forget to share your experiences with this challenge on The Anxiety Guy Facebook Page


Challenge #12) It’s All About You

Today is your day, literally! Think of something that truly makes you feel happy and gives you peace of mind, and do it. Book that massage you always wanted, buy those pair of shoes you dreamed of, give acupuncture a chance if you’ve been thinking about it recently. Today the idea is to release the guilt of doing something great for yourself, and simply doing it.

Challenge: Come up with a few choices, and decide on one thing that will truly pamper you in some way. This could be as simple as a bath, or as complex as a meal on top of a ski tower, the choice is yours.

Key Notes:

– Sometimes in life we get so caught up in pleasing others, getting a job done, etc. that we forget about our own needs. Giving yourself this gift today will let your mind know that it is actually ok to treat yourself from time to time


Challenge #13) Unleash the Rocky in You!rocky444

Today’s challenge is about getting physical and changing your more comfortable ways (within reason of course). Today instead of taking the elevator, you take the stairs, instead of taking the car to the corner store you take the bike. Change it up and keep the momentum going because today’s challenge is a physical one.

Challenge: Step out of your daily routine today and mix it up. Don’t worry about what others may think of you, just turn your whole routine around in every way today.

Key Notes:

– Let’s take Nike’s slogan of ‘just do it’ and well… Just do it! No excuses for today’s challenge.


Challenge #14) Get Your lemon On

The benefits of lemon water are endless. From curing the common cold, to reducing pain and inflammation. Lemon water is truly a power food. Today’s challenge is to be conscious of the times you drink water during the day and to make sure that water has lemon sprinkled in it. No water without lemon on this day, so do what you have to do to get today’s challenge done! Let’s get to the video…

Challenge: If you don’t already have a few lemons in your fridge, swing by the local grocery store and pick a few up. Don’t forget a disposable knife and a water bottle!

Key Notes:

– Best thing to do for today’s challenge is to make sure you have a water bottle with you throughout the day. Also make sure that you can easily put your lemon in that water, so there is quite a gap at the top. Then all you need is a lemon and a small knife in a container, and you’re set!


Challenge #15) It’s Supplement Time!

It’s time to add a natural new supplement to your arsenal. For example, magnesium works amazingly well for low to moderate anxiety; Gingko Biloba is proven to help with memory. Today is the day we contribute to our clean eating habits with the power of supplementing.

Challenge: Find one supplement to experiment with, and begin using it today. If you’re confused on what to try, simply get to know your supplements better by asking questions to your local supplement expert at the store!

Key Notes:

– Got a question about supplements? Contact me!


Challenge #16) Yogatastic!

Never tried yoga? A yoga expert? It doesn’t matter. Today we take time to heal ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Dedicating just 20 minutes of your time to yoga today just might get you to fall in love with this practice.

Challenge: Challenge yourself by joining a yoga practice today. Either at home through videos on YouTube, maybe an app on your phone or better yet call a yoga studio and drop in.

Key Notes:

– Remember not to force the stretches. This time is for you and your personal peace that you crave. So it should be relaxing, and should get you wanting more in the future.


Challenge #17) Defying Your Fearsa49ee5a7bb0d19a711dac07d3c7dba78

No longer will you be kept in a cycle of fear due to some lingering fear you have. Today is the day you look fear straight in the eyes, and release the tension and stress it has caused you in your life by facing it.

Challenge: Take one small step in the direction of a fear that is currently limiting some aspect of your life. This could be anything from asking your boss for a raise to driving around your block, or even asking that special someone out on a date.

Key Notes:

– Fears and phobias can leave us limited in many ways, here are a few success stories of how some inspirational people faced their fears and were able to defy them. I’m sure these stories will show you that it really is, all in your head and can turn a monster into a fly with the right kind of support and tools.


Challenge #18) Your Brand New Amazing Hobby

Through my story of dealing with anxiety disorders as a pro athlete, I remember my mentor back then giving me a very important message. That message was to apply the power of distraction to curb panic and anxiety. So I took up photography and to this day long after my days of constant health anxiety, I still have a huge passion for photography. Now it’s your turn to think of a hobby to try, and maybe even love.

Challenge: Think outside the box, is there something you think you might have a passion for, but never got around to trying it? A good friend of mine turned the idea of using Lego as an art piece around his house. He’s been in love with his Lego hobby ever since. Brainstorm a few ideas, and try something new today.

Key Notes:

– Whether it’s photography, a certain sport, collecting, everyone on this planet needs a hobby. Something that jolts them out of bed in the morning, and makes life that much more interesting and fun.


Challenge #19) A Full Day of REAL Food

If you already eat clean and reap the daily benefits in your daily life, great job. If you feel, you may need a little nudge in the right direction here it is. Today’s challenge is to go an entire day only consuming nutrient dense foods. This means no processed foods, plenty of water and loading up on things like grains, vegetables, some fruit and smart fats.

Challenge: The word of the day today is discipline. Focus on consuming ONLY nutrient and mineral dense foods all day, drink plenty of water with it and keep far, far away from those unhealthy foods you may be craving from time to time. Remember, you are more powerful than you think!

Key Notes:

– In the day-to-day grind called life many people find themselves ‘grabbing and going.’ Which means no nutritional valued foods and lots of things we shouldn’t be putting in our bodies. Don’t let this be you, start today to become more conscious of what you put in your body.


Challenge #20) Turning Focus to Breathing

Stress can cause us actually to forget to breathe as we go through our days. Not only can this non-breathing habit cause extreme fatigue mentally, but it puts your body in a state of constant battle.

Challenge: Become conscious of your breathing today, of course, this could be challenging during times you are busier. But you have a boat load of other instances where you can focus in on a four-second breath in, and four-second breath out routine. Do it as much as you can for as long as you can today.

Key Notes:

– If you experience constant panic attacks, the fact that you don’t take the time during the day to breathe properly isn’t helping. This conscious breathing habit is an amazing routine to build up, so whenever you can take some time to let go and breathe deeply.


Challenge #21) A day to give backhelping-others-post-it-note

Have you ever heard the quote ‘giving is receiving?’ Sometimes we can get caught up in our own lives so much, that we forget the joys we get from simply opening the door for someone else, giving some great advice to a child, or even giving the poor a little of what they need. Today’s challenge will fill you with a sense of accomplishment.

Challenge: Find a way to give back today not once, but throughout the entire day. Whether that means letting someone in front of you while driving, opening the door for someone, paying for the person behind you in a drive through, anything. Just be conscious of this habit of giving back today, and begin feeling great about yourself.

Key Notes:

– Remember; no one can say things the way you do, or do things the way you do. If you feel like you can’t make a difference in the world, think again. Let’s consciously focus on giving back to the world today and reap the emotional rewards that come with this action


Starting and completing the 21 day wellness challenge will not only lessen your anxiety levels, it will fill you with confidence and momentum. With confidence comes great change in all aspects of a person’s life. But to truly create a positive shift in your life, and end the struggle with an anxiety disorder naturally, I encourage you to become a VIP member through The Anxiety Guy Wellness Academy. A fantastic community of people improving their overall levels of health daily.

Looking forward to meeting you, and helping you live a free and fulfilling life.


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6 comments on “21 Day Wellness Challenge

  1. patti Nov 9, 2014

    I run support group for anxiety on facebook with a total of 1,200 members. I saw this blog before and the 21 day challenge threw me off. I don’t see anything in his 21 day tips that have anything to do with changing the thoughts we scare ourselves with. Supplements and herbals don’t ‘fix’ anxiety from what the research tells us. I think things like a 21 day challenge make anxious people think they can beat this crap in 3 weeks which is simply not true. Then they are discouraged that somehow they didn’t measure up because if they did, clearly this would have helped them! I think you mislead anxiety sufferers. Dangerous waters.

    • Hi Patty, I have to completely disagree with you and here’s why. Firstly adrenaline is probably the most common cause of anxiety, as you can see through the 21 day challenge there are many different paths to take in order to deal with that adrenaline. Secondly, the brain is a very fragile thing. It can either serve us, or it can destroy us. This is why support and a guide while systematically stepping into our fears is crucial. Thus the support I bring to the 10,000 person Facebook support group we run. Confidence brings momentum, and it is contageous. My goal is to bring a boat load of confidence to all my supporters through my group to challenge, and defy their fears together. Thirdly There are two seperate parts to what is called an anxiety disorder, the person dealing with anxiety may suffer from one or even both of them. The first part is mental, things such as worries verbally, thoughts of nervousness, etc. The second is physical. Such as, racing heartbeats, panic attacks, dizziness, and other physical symptoms. I agree and always preach that herbs are a sidekick for anyone dealing with anxiety, a good one as well compared to the dangers of other options. Through this simple day to day 21 day challenge I am challenging my group to step out of their comfort zone and challenge their physical and mental issues. The problem with people who run these kinds of coping support groups that you are a part of, is that they simply don’t work. People talk about their issues, they share their fears, and the circle goes around and around. I would know because I have been a part of those kinds of ‘support’ groups for many years, with no light at the end of the tunnel. Patti you also mention that you don’t believe moderate to severe anxiety can be beaten in 3 weeks, but funny enough I just had someone go through our program recently with a severe case of health anxiety for 5 years (which I can share with you privately if you’d like). She was able to completely put an end to her self destructive thoughts, changed her anxious ways, and began putting in the effort to change her lifestyle habits. She then let us know that as foreign as it has felt for her recently, she completely rid herself of her anxiety in 19 days flat. Of course it all starts with the right kind of approach and when there’s someone who believes in you, ‘miracles’ really can take place in an anxious persons life. Lastly I’ll finish with a quote my dad told me, who also dealt with anxiety disorders for 21 years. Life after anxiety begins after you stop following the masses. My goal is clear for my friends and supporters, and I wish you luck for the future.

  2. karen Nov 11, 2014

    hi i started my water intake on monday i had more energy today .and i felt better in myself.il keep going and start facing my fears ,

    • Great job Karen! I must have gotten around 80 emails saying how upping water consumption truly did make a different for them against anxiety. Sometimes the simple things done consistently can create a shift. Ending anxiety for most cases doesen’t have to be complicated. Keep up the great feedback!

      • Maria Nov 15, 2014

        Thank you Anxiety GUY! I appreciate your article, expertise and personal insight.