Dealing With The Lump In The Throat Sensation Due To Anxiety

December 3, 2017

“Uncomfortable, Not Life Threatening, The Truth Behind Symptoms Of Anxiety.”

Anxiety disorder is marked by constant stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system by the body. This can result in elevated breathing rates, increased heartbeats, muscle tension, etc. In some people the muscle tension may lead to inflammation in the throat area.

Most affected people have described this anxiety-induced inflammation as being a ‘lump in the throat’. Medically, this lump in the throat sensation due to anxiety is termed ‘Globus Hystericus,’ or ‘Globus Sensation’ or ‘Globus Pharyngis.’ The condition literally means occurrence of a lump sensation in the throat, or some kind of throat blockage which may feel as if you are getting choked. Other sufferers may experience pain in the chest or throat.

What does the lump in the throat sensation feel like?

Globus Hystericus induced by anxiety by itself is not a dangerous condition. However, it can be a frightening experience in people with anxiety. The sensation of getting strangulated, or being at increased risk to choking, may pose difficulties in swallowing, and when combined with anxiety, the overall scenario can be quite scary.

The lump in throat due to anxiety may have characteristics like these:

  • A constant lumpy feeling in the throat
  • The feeling of a lump in the throat may come and go
  • A sensation of choking or something stuck/trapped in the throat
  • When swallowing, people may feel a big lump in throat, a restriction
  • Tightness in the throat
  • After eating, sufferers may feel that something is stuck or a lump has developed in the throat
  • Feeling that something may be tied around the neck/throat area
  • A lumpy sensation in the throat-thyroid region

Differentiating between an anxiety-induced lump in the throat and other health problems

It’s important to have a thurough run through from a medical expert if you experience this sensation because it may be something that requires further attention, or it may be something less serious such as GERD. Some symptoms which can help a person differentiate between anxiety-triggered Globus Hystericus and other health issues are listed below:

  • The sensation of lump in throat comes and goes. It is especially more evident when people suffer from increased anxiety
  • Lack of extreme pain or any kind of clicking noise when swallowing
  • Recent occurrence of extreme stress or experiencing a panic attack in the near past; in this case, resultant lump in throat sensation is most likely to be triggered by the stressful event or panic attack

Treatments for the lump in the throat sensation

The only way to get rid of lump in throat sensation caused by anxiety is to decrease anxiety and stress, therefore triggering your parasympathetic nervous system responsible for the rest and digest functions. But decreasing anxiety and stress without taking care of the core beliefs you have underlying, that are causing you to experience certain feelings is useless.

Because When Your Subconscious Mind Holds Onto A Traumatic Experience From The Past, It’s Asking You To Deal With It So It Doesn’t Have To Run The Fight Or Flight System Consistently. If You Don’t Deal With It, It Will Run On Auto Pilot!

This means that you have to clean up your anchors, you have to learn how to interpret that one panic attack you had long ago differently, or your belief about your potential in this world, or how people never want to be with you etc. These are core beliefs that run on an endless loop, and they manifest as sensations in the body.

The subconscious mind and the body are one, what you play in your mind gets shoved into your body (the hard drive) until a time you can re-process the things that are holding you back, and once and for all move forward.

As you re-frame and re-organize your beliefs that will lead to different behaviours and a different vibration you put out into the world, there are also some key elements that will help the journey towards ending this sensation of anxiety:

  • Clean up your diet and feed your system what it needs to run optimally
  • Start exercising at least 4 times a week to release tension and fuel your brain power
  • Practice body scan meditation exercises daily
  • Use positive affirmations during times of relaxation, and simultaneously imagine what you want
  • Drink a minimum of 2 litres of purified filtered water daily
  • Stop talking about your anxiety to others, and start talking about your successes from the day

I had the lump in the throat sensation for years, and am an example of achievement and success over this feeling. If I can gain a deeper understanding of it, so can you and eliminate it so can you. Watch the video below to go even deeper (and don’t forget to subscribe on Youtube to the #1 anxiety support channel available today). 

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6 comments on “Dealing With The Lump In The Throat Sensation Due To Anxiety

  1. darrell Dec 16, 2017

    I started getting the sensation of lump in the throat never had it before been a warrior for 12 years after a few weeks I went to the doctor because the sensation didn’t go away i was told it was prob just anxiety and I need to use mindfulness anyway few months on it was clear I had acid reflux begged to be seen and took seriously in the end I went to a&e gp was ignoring me turns out I have a hernia due to stress my advice always listen to your gut and always ask for a second opinion my focus now is on a clean diet and relaxation just a shame its took me so long to figure it out maybe my hernia is a blessing so rub those ear lobs woosha and listen to Dennis and yourself follow your heart and you’ll figure the rest out along the way 😊👍

  2. I used to get this all the time, and it was sometimes accompanied by hoarseness of voice. Reacting with anxious behaviours like clearing my throat, palpitating my throat, looking down my throat, only exacerbated the sensation. 😬 I even had an ultrasound of my throat, which of course came back negative. 💚 As with many things when it comes to anxiety, the solution didn’t lie in the sensation, but in my interpretation of, and response to it.

  3. Douglas Jan 6, 2019

    Hi Dennis. I’m Douglas. Today, I suffered from heart palpatations all day long which just a few hours ago have subsided. Feeling the joy of having a normal heart rate back was incredible, like having a mansion lifted off my shoulders. Quickly after the recovery, I went to lay down and relax and began to slowly feel this lumpy sensation on the right side of my throat. Almost bedtime and it’s most likely going to be a sleepless night! Any help or tips or home remedies would be greatly appreciated sir!
    P.S I love your YouTube channel!
    Thank you!

    • Many deeply sensitized people who are overly focused internally on bodily sensations tend to misinterpret many of the feelings they feel. The average unsensitized person would move past that moment not expressing deep interest into the idea of it possibly affecting a persons survival. This is the goal, to become disinterested in the minds misinterpretations of the feelings, to focus on our deep breathing through the day which promotes an activation in the calming effect through the body. Seems to be very much related to the mental and emotional sides of things that are causing the physical to respond the way it is. My program on this site should help to get to a better place.