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Some people learn best through videos. Here are just a few videos relating to my past struggles and successes over my mainly health related anxiety and panic disorder. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to The Anxiety Guy YouTube channel for the latest videos to help you overcome issues relating to stress, anxiety, panic attacks and more.


What Is Anxiety?

As simple as this question may look, many people don’t really know the difference between stress and anxiety. Let’s get to the short video to learn more:



How To Explain Your Anxious Condition To Friends And Family

It can be incredibly difficult to explain how you are feeling to others. Knowing the right people to approach, and how to approach them will help greatly.



Can Anxiety And Panic Attacks Kill You?

Now here’s a question I get all the time. I also wondered this day after day during my 6 year battle with chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Let’s get to the video…



My Top 3 Favourite Natural Anxiety Relief Supplements

This anxiety supplement review video is for anyone who is feeling the physical affects of constant anxiety. To overcome the physical and mental fatigue that comes with constant health anxiety and panic attacks it’s important to know what the best sidekicks are, as you work towards handling the root of your anxiety problem.



How To Stop A Panic Attack Fast!

There are 3 essential steps that you must undertake if you want to stop a panic attack fast. Applying these steps will build much confidence and momentum in the face of your greatest fears, and take you out of the panic cycle.



Guided Relaxation Meditation Session For Anxiety

If anxiety has gotten your thoughts and feelings all in a knot, take 30 minutes to give your mind and body some much needed peace and relaxation. All you need are some headphones, and a quiet place that you won’t be disturbed to completely let go…



A Deeper Look Into The Past Life Of The Most Anxious Person In The World… Me

Want to know exactly what it was like to live with panic disorder for 6 years, while at the same time trying to raise a family, and make a living on the professional tennis tour? In this video I’ll reveal the roller-coaster ride I had with panic and anxiety, as well as a 6 step guide to help you end your generalized anxiety disorder naturally.

Please ignore the former name The Anxious Athlete on this video, it’s about a year old and I now go by The Anxiety Guy 🙂



Alcohol VS Anxiety

Self medicating can be a very attractive option if you live with constant panic and anxiety. For me alcohol not only left me in a deeper rut than when I started, but it fueled my anxiety and panic attacks further in the coming days. Here’s what you need to know…



A Message Of Hope Against Fear And Anxiety

Begin implementing these two powerful tips on dealing with anxiety today, and you may find that your confidence is growing to new heights.


Reasons Before Strategy To Overcome Anxiety Naturally

Before you set out on a strategy to overcome anxiety naturally, make sure you are emotionally connected to your goal.



What Is Life Like After An Anxiety Disorder?

In this video I want to share an update on how my life has changed so drastically, after an anxiety disorder. The combination of CBT and a proper support system is always the key to ending an anxiety disorder naturally.



Panic Disorder Solutions, Static VS Experimental Knowledge

Are you a static or experimental being? Knowing the difference could be the first step towards taking you out of your panic disorder condition.


Answers To Your Health Anxiety Questions

Sick and cold in my house, but nothing can stop The Anxiety Guy from getting back to a few questions from supporters on YouTube ;). Here’s my response to one health anxiety/panic attack sufferer.


My Best Advice For People Suffering From Health Anxiety

Here’s a question I get from time to time that I wanted to share with anyone out there dealing with health anxiety. Once you’ve fully understood this once concept, everything can change.

More to come, subscribe to The Anxiety Guy channel on Youtube for more videos from me.

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23 comments on “Videos For Anxiety

  1. Frank Feb 11, 2015

    Thanks so much Denis, great to know there is a way out of this living hell.

  2. Eminem Feb 14, 2015

    It is relieving to find out that there is a way out of this mess when you stop remembering things if you are not at right metal stage. There are lots of amazing videos on your blog , great going

    • Where there’s a will, the right tools and support there is most definitely a way out as I see each and everyday of my life through others.

  3. Andrew Feb 14, 2015

    Supplements, meditation and so much things we see all day. You are also supporting same such things, but my question is do all of them really works. I don’t think so. I would rather prefer a healthy lifestyle and diet.

    • My post anxiety disorder life contains habits that implement a certain activity for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. It’s now become second nature and great habits that i’ve built over the years. Anyone can live a fulfilling life free of anxiety and panic, but first they must choose to step into the unknown.

  4. James Feb 14, 2015

    So many videos . I went through all of them and it was really interesting. I am going to recommend your site to one of my friend. She is totally depressed because she si not able to find a away out of her stress. Maybe your experience will help.

  5. Helen Mar 1, 2015

    Great bunch of videos! It is nice that you have them all in one place so I can check them out without having to search YouTube for them.

  6. Great job. All of these videos are a great way to help others that are just not sure what they can expect when diagnosed with anxiety!

  7. Niaomi Mar 1, 2015

    Great! Thank you for sharing all of these videos with us. I see that you beat your anxiety, I am hoping to do the same with a jump start by reading this blog each day.

  8. Corey Mar 1, 2015

    These videos are great! What a wealth of information that is easy to share with others that might be suffering from the things that you beat. Thanks!

  9. Brett Victor Mar 1, 2015

    I always thought this would be something that you could not beat without meds. I see that you shake away from the medications and have had luck with your anxiety. Thank you for the motivation.

    • There is a nice ‘mental health movement’ going on that I seem to be picking up on. People who have taken a step towards natural recovery and have started the end the anxiety program realize quickly that ‘miracles’ really can happen quickly and safely.

  10. Kathy Mar 13, 2015

    Your videos have done more to help me understand my recent anxiety/panic attacks than anything else I’ve seen or heard so far. I feel like you’ve given me an arsenal of information to make my recovery speedy and successful. I’m sharing with everyone I know who suffers. Thanks for the help!

  11. puneeth Mar 31, 2015

    hi dennis,

    i really need to thank you for the work you doing for helping people come out of anxiety. i was searching on web for my anxiety issues which araised when i decided to consider abroad job opportunity. i have anxiety for 3 months now. most of webpages ask you for money and you feel discouraged by that thinking you will loose your money on it. i am still in getting knowledge of anxiety and trying to recover from it. i have a question to you. i am currently taking medication and think i better stop using it as i never heard of any cures from meds. i believe now that i have to put it my efforts rather than depend on meds for it.

    what is your view and did you start with any meds and decided to stop it.

    • Thank you for your kind words Puneeth. Yes I started medications and yes I stopped them #1 when they didn’t create the change after the length of time my doctor said to take for, #2 because it actually made me feel worse at times. Dependancy is a burden for many, so if you’re the type that might feel the guilt of taking these meds than don’t start, and stick to what you’ll find in the Supplement section of this page. That with the program I have on this site and you have a winning combination.


      • puneeth Apr 1, 2015

        hi dennis,

        thanks for your response. it is nice to talk to someone about this as i am abroad i cant really explain to my family overseas. i am on meds now and slowly have to stop using it. will book an appointment with gp and discuss how to go about it.

        i have also seen webpages of anxietynomore. all this has been an inspiration, u feel u are not been just targeted for money. its not the money in itself but you will loose trust in them. if you loose that then how can you believe their methods will work.

        again i want to thank you for work you are doing. responding to individual query taking time off from you personal work. you are certainly my inspiration for me to help the people in future and carry the torch. i want to effort for my recovery. also hope you dont mind if i share you weblinks to people in future.


        • No problem Puneeth you may of course share the links, as well as my free CBT based program with anyone. The more people we help the kinder this world will be to ourselves, and the faster we can all reach our full potential. I am here for you 🙂