The 10 Major Causes Of Anxiety Revealed

January 25, 2015

In the present days, we are living a fast paced life subject to many types of stress and strains of our bodies as well of the mind and this becomes one of the great causes of anxiety.

Constant feeling stress leads to anxiety and when you have repeated anxiety attacks, you are said to be suffering from an anxiety disorder. When this is left untreated it may lead to serious mental health problems that manifests in a series of health problems and serious ailments.

There are many known causes of anxiety that range from internal medical problems to many of the factors external to your body. If you want to avoid getting anxious that often leads to panic attacks, you must know your triggers and begin immediately to use CBT to defuse the problem areas.

Some of the most common causes of anxiety are as follows:


  • Hereditary Causes: one of the most common causes of anxiety is your heredity, and how it runs in your family. The likelihoods of getting affected by anxiety is more if your family has a history of anxiety and panic attack sufferers.

  • Biological Causes: There are many known causes of anxiety due to biological reasons and this ranges from a simple to cure poor diet, to a more serious heart conditions such as prolapsed mitral valve disease. The other physical conditions are things such as labyrinthitis (disturbances in the inner ear), hyperventilation syndrome, hyper thyroidism, hypoglycaemia, tumour in the adrenal gland leading to the condition of pheochromocytoma, disorder in the gene leading to Wilson’s disease etc. Apart from these, a chronic deficiency of Vitamin B also becomes one of the causes for anxiety.

  • Emotional & Mental Causes: Anxiety attacks arise due to many emotional and mental reasons such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)generalized anxiety, significant personal loss, phobias, (such as loss of a romantic partner), “what-if” thinking, significant life changes, withheld feelings, lack of assertiveness, mistaken beliefs etc. These are some of the well known mental causes of anxiety.

  • Medicinal & Pharmalogical Causes of anxiety: These include medical conditions that are caused due to taking in medications or substances like alcohol, amphetamines psilocybin (a hallucinogen found in some mushrooms), marijuana, side effects from antidepressant drugs like Ritalin, or other stimulants like caffeine or nicotine. These are some of the substances that are the leading causes of anxiety.

  • Stress: this is one of the leading factors that can become the primary cause of anxiety. This includes physical, emotional or chemical factors that cause uncontrollable bodily or mental tension, and is the right mental condition to manifest as into one of the chief causes of anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Foods and drinks: Even some of the foods you take or substances you drink may lead to a mental state. This gives rise to anxiety, and this is usually due to allergic or irritational effects of the food item or drinks you have taken in.

  • Excess consumption of Caffeine: Caffeine that is present in the coffee you drink normally can be a stimulant if taken regularly. If this goes beyond a limit, the accumulation of caffeine in your body begins to show adverse reactions and this definitely leads to being one of the main causes of anxiety. This may even lead to panic attacks when the dose of caffeine present in your body exceeds all reasonable limits.

  • Uncontrolled fear: usually anxiety is a distressed mental state and it may be caused by your mental problems also. Most of the time the uncontrolled fear or phobias are the prime causes of anxiety attacks, and the mere thought of an impending fearful situation itself may give rise to anxiety and panic attacks. For this, the person must have been in such fearful situations and must have suffered the effects of anxiety before. The mere thought of such unpleasant situations itself may trigger panic attacks.

  • Traumatic events: when you meet serious and dangerous traumatic events in your life, the effects may manifest in many ways. One of the ways is its presence in the form of anxiety in your mind. When you do not take action to recover from these thought patterns, it leads to repeated anxiety and panic attacks. Thus, the happening of a traumatic event in your life becomes one of the causes of anxiety.

  • For no apparent reason: in most of the cases the panic attacks are unpredictable, and may take place without any apparent reason.

Without finding the real causes of anxiety in your own life, the journey to recovery will never take place. So make sure to look over this post a few times to get a good idea of how the thoughts might apply to your own life. Once you’ve made the connection, the tools and support should be right around the corner. 

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4 comments on “The 10 Major Causes Of Anxiety Revealed

  1. Shirley Jan 25, 2015

    No hope for recovery for me then as there is no reason for my 23 years of anxiety/panic attacks and now it’s being passed onto my children no idea where to turn now

    • There’s always a reason Shirley. Too many of us in today’s world live so unconsciously, that we don’t recognize the habits that are elevating our anxiety levels.

  2. Mine was definitely stress, combined with insomnia…without even realizing it.

    While my panic attacks for the most part have gone, I’m still trying to use NLP to get over my OCD, and keep my motivation levels up…it’s a long road though (but I’m sure it will be worth it;-)