9 Reasons Why Sex for Anxiety is a Great Idea

December 30, 2016

Here’s a fun fact:

When having sex for anxiety 3 times a week you cut your risk of experiencing a heart attack in half!

Yes, that’s right – in half! Now that I’ve got your attention on the benefits of sex for anxiety, let’s look at 9 reasons why you need to get your partner into the sack more often:


Instant Stress Relief: Feeling annoyed because of something that happened during the day? Give those anxious thoughts a break as you release natural oxytocin into your brain which will balance your body out. The anxiety guy YouTube channel will help with this further.


You Da Man! Or Woman! Pleasing your partner isn’t the only benefit after the big O, the confidence gained after sex snowballs into other parts of your life, soon people will be commenting on what seems different about you.


Cancer Prevention: The Journal of American Medical Association reports that the more a guy ejaculates, the less likely he is to develop prostate cancer. Can you say Double Bonus!


Stop The Flu: Immunoglobulin is an antibody that helps combat diseases and helps to prevent colds and flus. Turn your sick days into sex days by upping your levels of this antibody by increasing your sexy time.


The Solution To Achieving That Beach Body You Always Wanted? Well, not quite BUT sex is definitely a form of cardio, and can eliminate up to 250 calories in one romp (or more if well, you know). Not only that but your abs, back, butt, thighs will be OK that you skipped that spin class and stayed in bed instead.


Age Slower And Live Longer: Time to skip those Botox appointments and have more sex because yes it really does slow the aging process. Sex for anxiety has a positive effect on EVERY organ in your body and if your partner for some reason ‘isn’t interested’ at the moment, you can always tell them ‘Dennis told me I’d live longer’ – works every time.


No More Pain: Most cardiovascular exercises cause release of endorphins, but sex is just plain more fun than a treadmill. This natural pain fighter gives us a sense of euphoria that can last many hours afterwards. This kind of pain killing endorphin release is known to be the best possible (as well as legal) way of achieving a natural high without the cost of treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and hydrotherapy.


Sex Heals: Whether it’s a relationship that needs to heal, cells needing regeneration or wounds that need healing, sex is the answer for faster healing. Many studies have shown that regular romping (did I really say romping) kick starts the oxytocin in the body during the big O, and this speeds up the healing process.


Forget And Improve Overall Happiness: Deep down we all want to experience more happiness and forget about that lingering credit card bill or any relationship troubles we might have. Sex helps you forget your troubles, gives your intimacy a lift and increases your imagination. Funny enough, it’s proven that regular sexy time provided couples the same levels of happiness as couples that earn over $100,000 per year, now there’s something to brag about.

Love is the universal language, and I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced you that sex for anxiety is a great idea.

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12 comments on “9 Reasons Why Sex for Anxiety is a Great Idea

  1. Sammy Jan 5, 2017

    I have read about oxytocin and I think it is amazing what it can do for the body. Many people actually believe a lot of people’s anxiety and panic issues stem from a lack of oxytocin! Most children who grow into adults that lack this were rarely hugged or touched physically by their parents. Like hand holding is enough to release this chemical. I read a book that even recommends DAILY hugs! No wonder sex helps, next to child birth, it is the biggest release of the chemical!

  2. Kelly Feb 7, 2017

    Sex makes you age slower and live longer! How am I only learning about this now? I knew sex releases endorphins that make you happier and can sometimes help with headaches, but I didn’t realise that it could help with so many other areas of your life. Good to know. I’m sure my partner will be pleased lol.

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  4. Cindy May 11, 2018

    Well, I shared this with my spouse and got no response other than him rolling over to go to sleep. I would love to have sex at least three times a week but I’m lucky if I get it once. I find myself in bed most nights unable to sleep longing for his touch but must of the time not getting it.

  5. Nick Heart Feb 24, 2019

    Well this sounds great only if l had a girlfriend or knew how to attract women. I havent had sex in over 15 years. I just mastetbate 2 times every single day non stop thinking that the laws of attraction would help me with no results at all. I even joined a dating site but dont even know what to say to a woman, so yea there you have it. Lie is boring to me. I dont think its anything better in this world besides sex and l feel like lm the only one not getting any. Im so got dern tiered hearing the people on top of me swishing the bed up and down very load. What could possibly take my mind of sex. Watch tv sec, on dating sites women helf naked sex, internet sex sex sex, walking down the street tongue kissing couples headed to hotels sex sex and more sex. I dont even have a job because no one will hier me. So what do l do all day other than smoke cigurrates, watch tv, get online and madterbate.

    • Wilson Apr 12, 2019

      Dear Nick. I was once like you. But what I did was that I became committed to God through Jesus Christ our saviour. Join a church and identify with them, study the Bible, quit smoking, quit masturbation and I promise you that your life will turnaround for good. Cares.