Prozac For Anxiety And Depression, What You Need To Know

August 28, 2014

So you’ve probably heard that Prozak could be one of those magic pills that just may put an end to your anxiety disorder once and for all. How much truth is there to prozac for anxiety and depression though?

I’m here to put an end to all the confusion, and questions you may have concerning Prozac for anxiety and depression, so let’s get to it!

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or therapist so this information should be viewed as my personal suggestions, experience, and research nothing more. Please follow the advice of your local mental health professionals when it comes to taking Prozac for anxiety and depression, or any other medications.

To shed some light on this popular anti depressant medication you should first know that when it comes to anxiety, prozac isn’t the most commonly used prescription medication. Prozac is mainly prescribed for moderate to severe depression, and in some cases is used when someone has complaints about OCD and panic attacks.

As Most Of You Already Know I’m Not Big On Making Big Pharma Even Richer Than They Are, Especially When The Chemical Imbalance Theory Is So Flawed

With that being said though, I believe there’s always a time and place for these types of medications. Here’s a YouTube video on my experience weaning off of Benzodiazepines for example.

This is why you need to understand that a balanced strategy that involves cognitive and  behavioral coaching is always an excellent approach towards desensitization. Prozac generally is said to work by balancing out some of the natural occurring chemicals that contribute to a general feeling of happiness and well-being. Depression is often said to be a result of these chemicals being out of balance, or at lower levels.

The Time Frame For Using Prozac For Anxiety And Depression

Regardless of what type of condition you are trying to treat with Prozac, it will probably take about a month or two before you begin recognizing any changes in your condition. In my experience helping people naturally through health anxiety issues, I’m noticing a large number of OCD sufferers who are using Prozac more and more. OCD occurs when your mind lingers over certain thoughts or ideas that would normally be a fleeting thought for most people in the world.

Be Warned Though, Once You Begin The Journey With Prozac Coming Off Of It Could Leave You In More Pain Than When You Started

My doctor was extremely up front with me when he explained the dangers of stopping Prozac cold turkey once I started it. He said that it could cause significant problems in the body if I failed to gradually cut back. My body completely rejected it within the first few days of taking Prozac though, as I’ve heard has been the case for many other anxiety sufferers I’ve worked with throughout my program.

There’s really no way to predict if, and how severe your withdrawal symptoms due to taking Prozac will be. It’s all pretty much a guessing game, and unless you are in a deep state of depression my humble opinion talking soleley from experience and research, is to stay clear.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

These hyped up ‘magic bullets’ have grown the drug market into a $70-billion money making machine. With 40 million people suffering from an anxiety disorder in the United States alone, the numbers are only looking like they are rising, and not falling. This is why I can’t stress the importance of doing your own research before gulping down anti depressants like prozac for anxiety and depression.

If all else fails and you’re thinking Prozac for anxiety and depression, find a mentor. Someone who has been in your shoes and has found a natural strategy to ending anxiety and depression on their own. I know the power that these mental health challenges can have over you, but as many sufferers as there are in the world, there are also a growing number of people who have done it the natural way.


The overall goal here is to experience a better quality of life. I firmly believe that you are much more powerful than you may think you are at this present moment. For that very reason, it’s important for you to explore all natural alternatives before embarking on the long and possibly painful road of anti anxiety medications and anti depressants. Take it from me, the most anxious and depressed person on this planet for 6 years of my life. Looking for help in the form of Prozac for anxiety and depression could possibly be more harmful to your bright future, than helpful.

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21 comments on “Prozac For Anxiety And Depression, What You Need To Know

  1. Sheikh Aug 29, 2014

    I don’t think I ever took any pills for anxiety / depression.

    Great article!

  2. David Aug 29, 2014

    My mother uses depression medication, not exactly sure what she uses.

    I will ask her when I get time, Thanks!

    • Good plan David, i’d love to know what she’s taking and whether or not she’s seen much of a difference… Good or bad.

  3. Like you Dennis, I don’t want to fatten the pocked of Big Pharma unless absolutely essential.

    While I have never taken any form of anti-depressants, I have had very close friends and family members who have taken a variety of formulas including Prozac. While some have been helped, others….not so much. I do agree that taking anti-depressants can be a double edged sword unless you take the time to understand all of the ramifications starting and stopping the drug therapy.

    I really love your suggestion that anyone considering embarking on a course of anti-depressant treatment find a mentor to help them navigate the journey. As always, such a great sharing of ideas and suggestions. Thanks so much.

  4. Thank you for posting this!I just wanted to say I think this is a beautifully honest post and thank you for sharing your story. It resonates with me in various ways. You seem like a very gracious person with a big heart and I am excited to be discovering your blog.
    We are also same in this business.
    We provides homeopathic treatment for anxiety depression in chandigarh India.

    • Sep 11, 2014

      Thank you Holac, would love to visit India one day 🙂

  5. I took prozac for a brief period and it made me worse. I took Paxil for years and getting off that was horrible. Definitely terrible withdrawal even when tapering off. I have had success with Zoloft and Celexa was okay but I like Zoloft better. It’s to bad people have to try different ones and that they take so long to work. Natural is the way to go if you can do that and afford it. Thanks for your stories and advice. Much appreciated. God Bless.

    • Sep 15, 2014

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Gina. Withdrawals truly can open up a whole new can of worms for a sufferer.

    • Angela Jun 2, 2018

      I was classified as a parinoid scitsophranic with permanent damage. They started me with several different medications. I am now only on two Prozac and zyprexa. I switched my Dr to a different clinic. When I did this lady told me to stop taking some of the meds that the lady that had said I was permently damaged had prescribed me. I did and she is a Christian and so is my counselor. It was not just through medication that I am better thriving working again and have goals. I had thought I was disabled and signed up for disability at the age of 39. Needless to say God brought me to the new clinic. Without Jesus I would not be where I am going I have goals. I proved the old clinic wrong. Disability denied me but said I would never be able to work as a waitress anymore. I am not waitressing yet I do have a convenient store job and am blessed. Now I want to prove disability wrong and hopefully within a couple months go back to waitressing. With the Good Lord’s help I am doing better and have hope and Goals. Praise to God above all else. Not our time but always God’s time.

  6. Lesley Sep 15, 2014

    I have taken prozac until a couple of months ago – and came off them ‘cold turkey’ – inadvisable, I know !
    I wasn’t convinced they were helping me
    I didn’t feel much different initially, so thought I was getting off lightly – however, in the last few weeks, I have really had a major major crash. Given that I have very little objectivity in anything at the moment, I have no idea if this is withdrawal, or caused by other factors. I live remotely in an african country, so don’t have access to much in the way of the type of medical/ psychiatric support that you will be used to. My major question is, in your opinion, if this is withdrawal, how much longer might it last – is it worth hanging on for an improvement, or should i just go back on them, pronto ? Of course, it will be a while before they kick in, I know !

  7. I was on Prozac for 10 years, i made a bad call and quit cold turkey two years ago.. I now have sever anxiety, worse than I ever did before. It’s making me consider getting back on it just so I can be my normal self again, but I hate being on medication and try to be as little as possible. I know if I get back on it it will be for life. 😞

  8. Thanks Dennis this is exactly what I wanted to hear. The truth. I know my doctor thinks it would help me to start taking Prozac, but I am so against the whole “medication solution “. I don’t like having anxiety but you are right we are stronger than we think. I am going to look at natural & holistic solutions.

    • I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for through the Youtube channel, podcast and CBT based program on this site. Much love Ana.

  9. Michelle Coggins Mar 21, 2018

    I have been on antidepressants forever since I was in my 30s I wish I didn’t have to take them. Zoloft the longest for years because other antidepressants don’t agree now I’m on,trying small dose Prozac. I wish I didn’t have to take it. I’m sick of them

  10. Charles Feb 10, 2019

    I lost my parents at age 11. Mom on xmas day, 1972. It wrecked my life and brothers too. I began drinking at 14, had suicide attempt age 22. went on Prozac 2 years and finally got help and beat it all so I know it can be beaten. Meditation helps greatly as it seems to reset the mind also.