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6 comments on “Gym Anxiety Explained And Conquered Once And For All

  1. Paul Winter May 18, 2015

    I can see this being a problem for people that are not used to working out in the gym. It can be very intimidating to begin with and now you throw some anxiety on top of that? Big problems to overcome.

  2. Justin Apr 10, 2017

    Being an agoraphobic, with Aspergers, generalized anxiety disorder, and depression, it’s extremely difficult for me. My biggest obstacles are:
    – when someone starts working out on a machine directly next to me.
    – when people walk within five feet of me.
    Either way, I start to tense up and go into fight/flight, or even freeze. It’s mostly been flight or freeze for me. I wish I could find a way to get past this crap.

  3. Rachael Mills Apr 15, 2017

    There is this friend I met not too long ago that I had invited to go to the gym with me on two occasions and she declined for no apparent reason, reading this now I have a feeling she might be suffering from gym anxiety, I will let her see this post and hope it will be helpful.

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