TAGP 194: Understanding The Anxiety System We’re Under

July 1, 2019

“As A Child There Really Wasn’t Much You Could Do About Much, Anxiety Was Inevitable.”

The anxious programming starts young and develops into the 9-5 work life. There really is no such thing as work/life balance in my eyes simply because we’re all so hyper aroused all the time. We unconsciously reject balance and we search for the next thing to worry about or do, because it’s a program, a condition.

We fall into the system of stress and anxiety, losing our creativity and positive imagination in the process.

It’s always been about who we need to please, what dream we need to chase, and who we must compete with next. This cycle of constant fight or flight slowly wears down our emotional states, leading to our depleted physical state. Life isn’t much more than getting a job, raising a family, saving for retirement, and dying. The only problem is no one explained to you that you have more options.

Most anxiety is a result of stored energy that can’t find an outlet, and traumatic memories that led to freezing or helplessness in the moment.

Think about it, stored energy, rage, blame, guilt, un-forgiveness, sound familiar? Traumatic memories during childhood that created a state of helplessness, the inability to do something or speak up. Welcome to the anxiety system that most of us get caught up in.

Life can be lived in a state of inner and outer harmony, or a state of chaos. As much as it may not seem to be the case at the moment for you, this option is always available. But it’s going to take a recognition over the anxiety system we live in, and to begin questioning your limited beliefs over your potential.

in today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be sharing:

  • How many of us get sucked into the anxiety system unknowingly
  • How to start changing your anxious mindset
  • Ways to begin viewing your past challenging experiences differently

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