Best Anxiety Affirmations On YouTube You Can Use Starting Today

June 6, 2019

best anxiety affirmations on YouTube

“Repetition Is The Gateway To Self Mastery.”

If we want to change something about ourselves one of the best places to look is how we learned as a child. Many of the good and bad programs that we currently act on through our subconscious minds were created during the childhood years. This conditioning brought together our current core belief systems, our identities, and our views of the world.

This is why I believe affirmations can work, if you do it right

When you were a child repetition brought forth the answers you were seeking. To learn to walk you kept getting up over and over again every time you fell, to learn your timetables you kept studying night after night, and to learn a particular skill in a sport repetition brought on what felt like perfection at that skill.

Which is why I’ve made, and continue to make what I believe are the best anxiety affirmations on YouTube today

My goal is to add to the playlist below every week on my YouTube channel so that you can benefit from these valuable tools. Here is the link to the affirmations playlist. Look out for specific affirmations for fear of driving, fear of flying, fear of failure, social anxiety affirmations, health anxiety affirmations and much more. These anxiety affirmations will also be accompanied by focused binaural frequencies that are connected to the frequency of theta.

A theta brainwave state is the same state you were in between the ages of 2 and 6, a hypnotic state which accepts all suggestions from the outside world. When the mind and body are relaxed to a certain degree, theta kicks in and is an ideal time to practice affirmations. Most people use affirmations to hopefully change a bad situation into a good one right on the spot, this is the worst strategy there could possibly be because the timing is not right.

Here’s a current list of the best anxiety affirmations on YouTube:

  1. With 750,000 + views on YouTube, these affirmations for anxiety and mental health will be an excellent tool for you to use daily.
  2. Self love and inner healing must be a daily practice, and these powerful affirmations will target this daily practice.
  3. Health anxiety is on the rise, and these affirmations for health anxiety will help to progressively get you to become more and more disinterested in the catastrophic thoughts that accompany your anxiety symptoms.
  4. Here is the “I Am A Warrior” affirmations for total empowerment and self confidence.
  5. Here are the fear of dying affirmations for anyone going through this type off deep inner distress.
  6. In the End The Anxiety Program you will also find the MP3 versions of my anxiety affirmations targeted at Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorder.

Enjoy these and all the upcoming affirmations on my YouTube channel warriors. Remember that these are just tools towards your complete desensitization from anxiety, they are not to be seen as the very methods that will take your anxiety fully away. Use them daily so that you can bring about new perceptions towards the irrational and catastrophic thinking habits that fuel your anxiety.

With clarity comes progress, with progress comes anxiety elimination.

Are affirmations a part of your tool kit in your path towards healing anxiety? Comment below on your experiences.

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9 comments on “Best Anxiety Affirmations On YouTube You Can Use Starting Today

  1. Thank you so very much for all that you do! I have been in deep health anxiety since 21 and I’m now 35. Coping was all I thought there was, but also not fully believing it was health anxiety. Your love and work is helping me soooo much and the change already is amazing, I’m saving for your program and I now know I’m going to get over this once and for all. Loving my new look on life and the freedom I am feeling each and every day as it grows. Thank you thank you thank you love light n blessings

  2. Jancy Aug 2, 2019

    I stumbled upon this website while I was looking for a helpful youtube channel that could help my friend who is now suffering from anxiety. I think these beautiful content of yours will really help her to slowly come out of her struggle.

  3. Elaine Shaw Aug 9, 2021

    Thank you for your help

  4. Elaine Shaw Aug 28, 2021

    Dennis I am struggling as I don’t feel well until lunchtime tablets. Your information is brilliant and I am waiting to see my psychiatrist.

    • Elaine Shaw Sep 4, 2021

      Already commented and I think Anxiety
      Guy is great. I could do with some advice.

  5. Elaine Shaw Sep 10, 2021

    I benefit from reading your information every morning. Thank you Dennis.