Do Fidget Spinners Help With Anxiety?

May 27, 2017

“After All The Hype About These Fidget Spinners And How They’ve Helped People To Cope With Anxiety, I Had To Investigate.”

Anxiety is a disorder that cannot be wished away. Comprehensive treatment is the best and often the only option for completely getting rid of the condition. Learning healthier and new coping methods will also go a long way in ensuring that anxiety stays away permanently.

Also, certain types of tools which help in calming down the body and mind during periods of extreme anxiety are also recommended. One such anxiety calming tool is a fidget spinner.

What are Fidget Spinners?

Fidget spinners are discs shaped like propellers that have ball bearings which permit users to spin the tool on a table or on the fingers. They are affordable fun toys which can be purchased online or at any toy store; even adults can have fun when playing with it.

As per several sellers the USP of fidget spinners is that they can help ease stress and anxiety. The U.S. News and World Report have stated that some sellers have even advertised them as being helpful in alleviation of autism symptoms, ADHD in kids, etc.

Fidget spinner was invented in the early 1990’s by Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer. However, it has become popular only recently as of April 2017. Forbes had publicized fidget spinners as one of the ‘must have’ office stress busting toys last December; soon they were being discussed on YouTube, Reddit, and other social networking platforms.

Eventually it became a craze with middle school students and has since seen a meteoric rise in sales.

Are Fidget Spinners for Anxiety in Recovery Effective?

It is a known fact that anxiety tends to affect the complete body, especially the fingers and the hands, and is marked by tingling, shaking, cramping, and restlessness.

Anxious people know and understand that fidgeting can help calm their nerves in moments of anxiety (but is certainly more of a nervous habit, and will never be the way towards complete desensitization).

Stress and anxiety can be relieved via varied ways; some people pick or bite their nails, some fiddle with jewelry, while some others place their hands in pockets.

Fidget spinners also work in a similar manner.

It may be noted that they are not miraculous toys that magically help ease anxiety. The toy just facilitates patients need to fidget and the process of fidgeting is what acts as a calming mechanism.

It can thus be deduced that fidgeting helps cope with stress and anxiety and fidget spinners are just a tool that assist patients to fidget. The toy looks cool and hip and can help find focus, alleviate anxiety, or provide enjoyment with sensations of good feelings.

It is known that children tend to fidget when the tasks that they are doing do not trigger sufficient stimulation to sustain their focus.

Fidgeting helps gain sensory-motor inputs which lead to stimulation of the brain of a kid, thereby allowing increased focus on current tasks. It may also be noted that actions that help acknowledge the presence of anxiety, such as use of a fidget spinner, by itself can be a calming influence on anxiety, stress, and other attention issues.

Fidget spinners can help alleviate anxiety, but they are ideal only for minor stress and anxiety.

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