3 Unexpected Things That Help With Anxiety

July 20, 2017

“Fear Needs Your Cooperation To Frighten You.” Guy Finley

Sometimes the struggles that accompany anxiety or other mental conditions cannot be overcome by the conventional means of relaxation. These methods just do not seem to work in the manner that we desire during certain episodes of anxiety. Sometimes none of the traditional options, including mindfulness, exercise, or deep breathing, etc., yield the desired results.

It is a known fact that calming yourself down can be quite difficult when anxiety is wreaking havoc and making a mess of your daily life. Below are 3 fresh and unexpected ways that help with anxiety during those trying times of everyday life!

1. Go to bed

When the mind and body are awake, it tends to act as a feeder for the inner worrier. Studies have shown that people who do not sleep for the required amount of time (less than 5 hours per day) or tend to stay awake till late in the night are more likely to be besotted with negative and worrisome thoughts, compared to those who maintain regular hours of sleep at night.

People who have irregular sleep tend to ponder about the past and fret about the future. They also have increased risk of anxiety, PTSD, depression, and OCD.

Change your bedtime and make it a habit to regularly go to bed at a stipulated time. Good nighttime sleeping patterns at consistent times can not only help with anxiety, but also is an inexpensive way to overcome bothersome intrusive thoughts.

2. Take a walk in the woods!

Taking a walk in a park, or in the woods, while listening to varied sounds and ambient music can help with anxiety and ease stress.

It is known as ‘shinrin-yoku’ in Japanese which means forest therapy or ‘forest bath’.

As compared to walks in urban settings, forest therapy is more efficient in helping reduce the levels of stress hormones. Different research work has shows that spending time in the woods, or a green setting, can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, psychological stress, and aggression while simultaneously enhancing sleep, creating a sense of liveliness, and raising the levels of vitality and vigor.

Varied studies done by Japanese scientists have also shown that 15 to 20 minutes of forest therapy (vis-à-vis 15 to 20 minutes spent in urban areas) is marked by better flow of blood in the nervous system, which is indicative of a relaxed state.

3. Smell different aromas

This is one of the most unexpected things that help with anxiety. Inhalation of some kinds of aromas can help alleviate anxiety and stress. Studies found that people in certain jobs (like nursing, etc.) which are known for burnout, stress, and fatigue, etc., showed significant reduction in worry, anxiety, and stress after aroma therapy.

People may try smelling a grapefruit or its essential oil when nothing seems to help with anxiety. Grapefruit essential oil is reinvigorating and refreshing and helps improve the physical feelings of happiness and energy.

Other unexpected things that help with anxiety include monotonous, concentration-heavy activities like driving; playing video games; listening to music, podcasts, or audio books; cleaning or cooking; and doing puzzles.

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6 comments on “3 Unexpected Things That Help With Anxiety

  1. George Jul 20, 2017

    All three are very true. Just spent the last three hours doing yard work and while doing so I whiles admiring God’s handy work and thanking him for the many blessings he has bestowed to me. Even though dealing with anxiety and the many trappings it can bring I’m thankful as I feel being thankful is part of the key to recovery and I may not be where I want to be in recovery but I’m thankful in the moment. Thanks Dennis for sharing your hard work in helping others in this life. God bless, George

  2. I like your tips. When I am nervous or anxious after work for example I use the following method to relax and calm down: I lie on my bed, listening relaxing music and imaging picturesque landscapes. And I tell myself: “Don’t think about your problems at work or with your family, don’t think about housework, don’t think about anything negative” And it really works. After that I feel fresh and calm.
    This method works. Try it. It is good to know that you have 30 minutes per day to be happy and without any problems.

  3. It’s interesting that some of the best things that help with anxiety are actually getting a good amount of sleep and even taking walks in the woods. While it makes sense to me that sleep would help, I didn’t realize that walks in the woods could help reduce the levels of stress hormones. This is something to talk to my wife about because coupled with professional care, these tips could be very helpful for her.

    • Absolutely Tyler. The fundamentals we could say such as diet, sleep, and exercise to name a few can definitely help with anxiety.