4 Unknown Languages That Can Lead To Inner Peace Or Anxiety

August 15, 2019

inner pace or anxiety

“Your state of inner peace or anxiety can easily be a result of these unrecognized languages.”

Did you realize that we’re always communicating, and always have been communicating? Even before you could speak there were ways that you created meaning over things. Today, we still use those same languages as when we were infants. You must become aware of these forms of communication if you want to reach a state of inner peace, and release yourself of a constant state of anxiety.

1) Colour

Colour is an infinite language. When we came to this world we placed meaning over things based on their colour. For instance the colour of mom’s hair, the colour of dad’s eyes, and the colour of your crib all meant something to you. These associations between colour and external things became the guides that we follow unconsciously as we go through life today. Here are a few questions to get to know how you associate certain feelings to specific colours:

  • What colour do you associate with fear?
  • What about safety?
  • Which colour do you associate with anger?
  • Which one for healing?

It takes the subconscious mind 50-52 repetitions to begin accepting a new idea. Which means that we can use colour in conjunction with our 2nd main language, the breath, to begin breathing in safety over fear. This language can create the response of inner peace or anxiety involuntarily. Try this now…

Take a few moments to recognize where the fear is being held within, and in which part of your body. Recognize the colour associated to that fear. Begin breathing in the colour of safety for a count of 4, and breathing out the colour of fear for a count of 4. Within a few repetitions you’ll begin altering the feeling in that area of your body. Within 52 repetitions the safety signal will begin overtaking the fear. 

2) The Breath

The breath is highly interesting to me because unconsciously we have inherited the breathing patterns of our authority figures. If these breathing patterns were related to fear and anger for example, we found ourselves becoming our developmental figures (unknowingly). This means you can stop blaming yourself for your shallow breathing, that’s led to your dizziness and other symptoms of anxiety.

You took on the characteristics that you believed was best to take on by your two gods at an early stage of your life, moms and dads.

As the exercise with colour has shown, we can use the breath to change our own emotional states quickly. Couple your breathing with an empowering posture and you have a recipe to become Superman or Superwoman within a 2 minutes period (proven by the Social Scientist Amy Cuddi). Your breathing patterns dictate how you see the world, how you affect others, and how others affect you. This awareness leads us to understand the power behind this language quickly.

3) Sound

A baby crying, a bell ringing, water flowing, all of these sounds have tremendous meaning to us. These sounds can literally create inner peace or anxiety in a moment. As young children we associated sound to good or bad, safe or unsafe things. These pairings within our subconscious continue to form our realities in the present day (many times outside of our conscious awareness).

So the next time someone yawns around you, notice how it makes you feel. In this case, it’s likely your mirrorneurons will activate a similar emotional response to the person yawning, unless you’ve had some kind of traumatic experience with a yawner in the past (in which case emotional reframing is key, and this YouTube video will guide you there after you finish this post).

4) Vibration

Everything vibrates, nothing is ever still as the 7 laws of the mind tells us. I believe this is related to the 6th sense we all have within us that we lose touch with over time. As the information piles up and the subliminal programming bombards us more and more, we lose touch with our true human cababilities. In this case, it’s the ability to sense what we sense within the energetic fields of another thing or person. This intuition can lead us towards inner peace or anxiety since the subconscious mind picks up on energy fields.

Many people who meditate (or empaths) often have the ability to sense a persons emotional state instantly. Since the human body radiates an electromagnetic energy that’s measurable within 8 feet of the individual, we were experts at this as children. Our pre-conceived ideas around people were absolutely correct. We could even tap into what we thought others would do next, and they’d do it. This vibratory language can be accessed with a clear mind, building trust in the bodies abilities to heal, and faith in the co-creator of your life, god.


Deep I know. There are many factors that contribute to what we think, how we feel, and what we do that go unrecognized. These topics are very important for me to share with others, and I’ll be doing much more of this through my podcast and YouTube channel so please subscribe to both.

For now, question everything. Question why you do what you do, why you resist change so much, what makes you uncomfortable when it comes to inner peace, and what may be holding you back right now. Much love warrior! 🙏❤️

Comment below on your biggest realization from this post, and inspire other anxiety sufferers today.

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13 comments on “4 Unknown Languages That Can Lead To Inner Peace Or Anxiety

  1. Patty Aug 16, 2019

    Hi Dennis. Patty here. I definitely do the shallow breathing and am trying to be aware of that. This information helped a lot. Regarding the colors, I can’t seem to associate any with fear, safety etc. should this come naturally? I do kind of sense things before they happen. Some things I just know and 80% of the time they happen.

    • It should come naturally. I’ve found that being guided by someone in a meditative environment helps, along with over time bringing down the emotional distress and anxiety levels helps to tap into this language more.

  2. Holly Aug 16, 2019

    reading about the colors was what hit home with me the most. i’ve begun to identify my fear with a color and added into my daily meditation the breathing process of visualizing my healing color. it’s amazingly helpful so far!

  3. Julia Aug 16, 2019

    The breathing + color experiment worked for me. I imagined a revolving paddle wheel of 52 buckets located within an anxiety-holding body area. I breathed in bright yellow light to fill a bucket and breathed out dark blue sludge to empty one until the wheel was filled with yellow light. Of course, I needed one empty bucket to start with!

  4. Ashley Aug 16, 2019

    As always, thanks for sharing this info. I am very intruiged by the vibrations. Do you have any more info you can share on this? As far as the colors, I am finding that the colors I associate with anger are some of my favorite shades! Any input on this? The color I associate with safety is a color I wear a lot. Very interesting.

  5. Paris Aug 17, 2019

    Amazing piece. Thank you

  6. MARKETING STRATEGY Sep 10, 2019

    thank you so much

  7. Rosetta Sep 28, 2019

    This is really enlighten, who would know that the path to achieving inner peace is this simple and free. Thanks for sharing the information.