Managing Anxiety In The Workplace

October 1, 2017

“Be Gentle On Yourself, You’re Doing The Best You Can With The Information You Have.”

Toxic environments at the workplace can trigger prolonged stress and eventually cause anxiety. We can mange anxiety in the workplace and eventually fully overcome it, but the process can be difficult sometimes. It’s important to know that work anxiety is different from anxiety about money, and career anxiety.

Assuming that you are good at your job, you work in a corporate office, and that you cannot leave your job (as you have not found a new job, etc.),  follow the listed steps below to begin to overcome anxiety in the workplace.

*It may be noted that these measures may also be relevant for those working in restaurants or other non-corporate environments.

1. Keep busy after finishing work

People usually go home and take a rest in order to alleviate work stress. However, this may cause you to be lost in tensions and recurrent thoughts as well as place undue value on work. It is best to stay busy after completing work; spend time with family and friends, thus replacing work stress with better and new memories.

2. Turn work tasks and stresses into games

Most work tends to feature menial and boring tasks. You can make these tasks part of a game and thus create a challenge for yourself. For example, you can compete with yourself on how fast you finish a specific task. If one day you have set a specific time to complete a task, then try and beat that time when you have to do the same task the next day or on other days. This will make work somewhat enjoyable and also help you get more work done in a day.

3. Exercising

It is a known fact that exercise has a positive effect on mental health and anxiety. Exercise is marked by the release of endorphins which alleviate physical distress and enhance mood. It is also known to ease stress and anxiety symptoms as well as tire the muscles. You can exercise before work, thereby decreasing work anxiety and stress through the day, or you can exercise after work to prevent the negative after effects of work stress.

4. Make up stories of work related incidents

Creativity is something that can contribute to anxiety alleviation. If there is a constant feed of nightmarish or comic anecdotes or situations at your workplace, then use them to create a story. Thus, whenever any anxiety causing event occurs on the job, you can create a work story out of it and thus convert an obviously negative aspect of work into a positive one.

How Do You Deal With Anxiety In The Workplace? Share Your Suggestions And Experiences In The Comment Section Below.

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