HAP 8: The Right Mindset For Health Anxiety Healing

May 18, 2019

“The Right Mindset For Health Anxiety Healing Can Lead To The Intuition You Need In The Moment Of Struggle.”

How important is the right mindset for health anxiety healing? It’s everything. It’s the very thing that keeps you consciously aware in challenging moments rather than reactive to certain anxiety symptoms. The right mindset for health anxiety healing can lead to the skill sets to defy your fears and counter your limiting thoughts as well. Today’s anxiety guy podcast will be a game changer for you, if you’re open to the message.

Life is much more than this pain and struggle to get through the day

I remember the moments just after waking up in the morning and automatically checking on whether my anxiety symptoms were present. If they were, I was disappointed as well as comforted at the same time. Disappointed because a nourishing sleep didn’t take my discomfort and pain away, and comforted because symptoms meant safety to me.

It was who I thought I was, I was health anxiety! I truly didn’t know any other way to live aside from suffering. I now realize as I look back on my health anxiety struggles that if I hadn’t had struggled through health anxiety, I would have found another way to suffer internally. I would have unconsciously sorted for something else that was wrong and attached myself to that instead.

The right mindset for health anxiety can slowly shift a person’s viewpoint over themselves and the world

Today I want to make life that much lighter on you. I want to open up your mind to what’s possible in your own life, and show you what an inspiration you can really be. This sacrifice you’re currently going through will lead to days of intense gratitude and love for yourself very soon, and a complete release from health anxiety for good warrior.

In todays episode of the anxiety guy podcast we’re looking at:

  • How the right mindset  for health anxiety comes before the actions to desensitize yourself
  • How a history of suffering can lead to pushing inner peace away
  • Why you’ve attached your identity to health anxiety

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2 comments on “HAP 8: The Right Mindset For Health Anxiety Healing

  1. Ashana khan May 20, 2019

    Did u have the skin burning sensations as on of your anixety symptom