3 Ways We Disrupt Our Own Positive Energy

May 16, 2019

“You Are Energy, And Energy Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed. Energy Just Changes Form.” – Rhonda Byrne

The human energy field we project into the world is a compilation of many different factors. These factors influence not only the output of energy into the world around, but also influence our systems within. There are plenty of ways we can sabotage our own positive energy which can lead us towards emotional distress, and potentially severe anxiety. I want to lay out these components so that you’re aware of them, and can begin focusing on altering them over time.

“Energy and persistence alter all things.” – Benjamin Franklin

When we can create alignment between these 3 components below, we then have the key to lasting positive energy. This positive energy will rub off on others or scare them away, depending on how deep they are within their own core beliefs. Here are the 3 main ways we disrupt our own positive energy:


Toxins are anything that damages the body (and therefore the mind and emotions). Toxins can be in the form of certain foods or beverages that can cause a host of digestive problems, the kind of air that we breathe, certain tap waters, radiation, certain clothing, and mold.


The definition of trauma (in the anxiety guy world) is any experience that the person or past family member has gone through that caused a high amount of arousal, overwhelm, and possibly led to freezing in the moment. This freeze response gets stored within the subconscious mind for later recall, and many times affects the nervous system negatively.


Have you ever heard the saying ‘thinking is energy?’ I agree to an extent. But in my opinion it should be ‘thinking backed by feeling is energy.’ A thought is just another one of the 70,000 other thoughts a person gets throughout the day, until emotions get attached to the thought. At this point we alter the make-up of the brain itself, and provide a road map for the subconscious mind to fulfill the desires of the thought.

When we can become more conscious of these three components, we can begin shifting towards a positive energy for ourselves. This new found direction will affect every aspect of your life for the better, and help to end the anxiety cycle once and for all.

Comment Below On Your Personal Experience With One, Or All Of The Aspects Above.

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4 comments on “3 Ways We Disrupt Our Own Positive Energy

  1. Sharon May 16, 2019

    Hi Dennis, Thoughts/feelings seems to affect me the most. I work in a stressful planning environment and I seem to quickly attach emotion to too many of my thoughts. When things fall apart, I tend to look inward or outward for blame and take it so personally when things fall apart because I put so much effort to try to make things plan well (following up with everyone/double checking others work, etc).

    This is one of my major reasons for anxious thoughts. Not sure where the balance is of how to not take on everyone else’s responsibility as well as why am I apt to take it personally as a reflection on my ego or competency when it’s often outside my control? How to turn around into positives throughout the day?
    Thank you for all you do for us.

    • Hi Sharon, I would look deeper into what wasn’t provided and what needs weren’t met as a child. Many times the subconscious programs around self punishment, inferiority, perfectionism etc stay with us because we’re trying to fill the need today that wasn’t met early on by our authority figures. Not only is this an effort into reframing these past memories, but also using the cognitive and behavioural toolkit we have to counter these limits in the moment of being challenged by fear.

  2. Samantha Jun 1, 2019

    Hi I just started looking into it your work. Last Sunday I had my first ever panic attack. Since then I’ve been on edge and have told myself for the past week that I have all these dieases under the sun such as thyroid problem , cancer , etc. I have great mornings and terrible nights or vice versa. I have a lump in throat feeling most days and an anxious feeling. I try to go on normally but I feel outside of myself. Any tips to pull through this because I know I’m stronger than my anxiety I just don’t know how to go about it.

    • Don’t believe everything your mind says, and consciously focus on an opposing possibility consistently. ❤️