TAGP 32: 5 Positive Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Death

October 3, 2016

5 ways to send the fear of death“We all want to become more than we are, we want to live forever, that is why we hate death and create the afterlife.” 

Health anxiety/hypochondria and the fear of death go hand in hand. It’s like a joint relationship and one can’t live without the other, but thankfully there are ways out of this torture.

You see, the fear of death takes a person completely out of the present moment. Life turns into an all out battle against time, and in the end, we all lose anyway.

As a tennis professional in my early 20’s I was a free man. A man who was self disciplined, a man who followed his purpose in life, and someone who enjoyed every minute of his existence. Then almost out the blue health anxiety struck, and it struck hard. Years went by without any progress, and I sat in a car one day wondering, why go on.

Thankfully I Did Go On And Fully Recovered From Health Anxiety,  And Now Have The Opportunity To Help You

The fear of death kept my anxious thought patterns alive. I blamed the world for my past horrible existence, I was the victim, and everyone else was the ‘bad guys.’ In this latest, most powerful podcast episode yet I want to share some very important thoughts on the fear of death. I also want to give you the 5 best ways to begin overcoming the fear of death. And I promise you this:

If You Download, Understand, And Consistently Apply What You Learn In This Episode, You Will be Free From The Fear Of Death

Also in this, the latest episode of the anxiety guy podcast you will understand:

  • The actual reason for why the fear of death haunts you daily
  • How to break free from living in the past and future
  • The best ways to begin a new way of thinking to overcome the fear of death

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7 comments on “TAGP 32: 5 Positive Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Death

  1. mohamed Oct 3, 2016

    hiii dennis u realy hit a nail on this podcast .. like u are sitting with me… well.. fear of dearh come from gulit i do agree… but my guilt is not like others .. first im a muslim ..i did sime sins in my prevoius life …in islam having relashinship with women without marriege is a sin .. i used to have alot i do pray but my islam was incomplete bcz if o was relegious completly i wouldnt have done tht.. so……..when i stared having panoc attacks then general anxiety i started to have fear of death bcz if i die and u committed sins i will go to hell bcz i did something against my religion…so my fear doesnt come fron physucal symptoms but how god will punish me for my sins which make the cycle of anxiety worse… even i talked to many religious peolpe and they keep telling me dont think god is mercufull and forget as long as u regret things u done everybody make mistakes… still when i get physical symptoms and attacks my fear is still huge .. second thing yes u r right dennis being alert always is been on my mind ..as long as i do check in my health foung tests every 3 months tht doesnt mean if god want to afflict mt with disease tht checken always will prevent it no of caurse.. if god want something to happen to u it will happen ..u cannot prevent it by checken even everyday .. i have some ways that could help anxiety sufferers from dearh maybe it will help i dont know ….first to accept tht we all going to die someday nobody can change u time not even the best doctors in the world bcz its the cycle of life.. second .. i recommend whenever we have chance give some charity to poor people assist who need help even with one dollar.. in islam say even if u give any poor small amount if chaity or even piece of date god will reward in after life ..third thing smile always … smilng is a charity as well smile at people be humble by smiling even for the homeless .. number four ..get rid of the grudge be pure hearted .. all these things i think in my opinion will make u l8ve in peace and in comfort ..plus u will be rewared from god..so tht wull makes u accept tht dearh is part of life cycle and less afraid ..thats wht reduces my anxiety sometime i do charity .im kind wity all people .. i help .. sometimes when i feel dearh is close when i get strong anxiety phydical symptoms i give up o say let death comes.. it takrs time yes.. sometime bcz v high anxiety and sensitizarion tht wont work with me i got scared from death.. but its all a matter of moment of fear.. needs practising..just pause take deep breath your logical mind will get .. by the way dennis also as u said many people will keep pressure u telling u tht u r getting old u have to make prgrress queckly yes u r right
    .many friends of mine im getting old u have to get marry no time too much pressure on me.. but i keep telling them im the one who decide when i will get married not you.. when im completly desinsitzed from anxiety ill marry i dont care when but i want be stable and in control when i marry not a man with fear .. thnks dennis this time u realy hit a good subject

  2. Hi Dennis

    How are you? I am loving your podcasts but this one “overcoming the fear of death” was a little hard for me. I am very spiritual, I am a yoga teacher, which allows me to go inwards spirtually. I also make jewellery which gives me a creative space. All these 5 tips I do but it still doesnt help with the present moment when I have my health anxiety. In the moment you cant think rationally everything seems alot harder. I do fear leaving this Earth leaving the beauty of this earth and nature. Fear of never seeing an amazing sunset again, fear of not seeing my partner again. Nothing seems to help this i guess attachment to this world.

    • Been there. I started off badly (a number of years back) in the fear of death challenge for myself, completely cutting my emotions out thinking it would make the journey towards the end easier. Can’t say that was too successful 😉 I have however accepted the life cycle much more. And although I also have a tough time thinking that far ahead from time to time, I can now live in the present moment much more since my health anxiety has lost its power over me. Looking forward to our 1 on 1 coaching session.

      • mohamed Oct 9, 2016

        hi may i reply to jess. u have fear of death and health anxiety bcz first thing u practice yoga . which i did before and it worsen my anxiety bcz it makes u more aware of physical sensatiin.. second thing bcz u faith of god is v weak .. we all shall leave this world everybody has its time .. jesus and other prophets left the world …so who we are regarding to them .. i understand its only nervous system on high alert give u fear . just put this in u mind wht u feel i know is unbearable but its only overactive playing tricks

  3. Do you fear death? Are you suffering from Thanatophobia? For those, who are clueless as to what the term means, it is used to characterize those who have a fear of death. Now, do not confuse this with Necrohphobia! There is a lot of difference in fearing from one’s death and fearing from the dead things or death of people.