TAGP 33: 5 Unknown Reasons For Why Your Anxiety is Getting Worse

October 10, 2016

why your anxiety is getting worse“I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.”

Imagine living with anxiety, it affecting each and every area of your life, doing everything you can to overcome anxiety, and the feelings getting worse. This was the confusing anxiety cycle I was under for over 6 years.

Little did I know there were a few simple but unrecognized unconscious patterns I was running in my head constantly that made me say:

So This Is Why My Anxiety Is Getting Worse!

We live in a world of cause and effect. There was a time that I became so fed up with my condition that I said nope! Not one more day of this crap. That was the day things started to change. Now don’t assume it was some kind of fairy tale where I made a decision, connected loads of pain to my situation, and boom everything changed. That’s false.

I Needed To Change My Values/Beliefs, My Behavior, And My Identity

No more was I a man of reaction. Living in a world where other people, advertisements, and unconscious programming structured my belief system. I took charge of my life, but first my mind. I followed a proven system, and understood very well these 5 reasons for why my anxiety was getting worse.

Here Are The Main Points You Will Be Learning In Episode #33 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast:

  • How to gain back full control over your mind and body
  • How to best manage your current anxious programming
  • The best way to approach these 5 reasons for why anxiety is getting worse in your life

Hope you’re gaining a ton of relatable content, and powerful suggestions through The Anxiety Guy Podcast. Please share this episode with other anxiety sufferers. This Helps Me Provide Regular Powerful Content So You Can Begin Turning Your Anxious State Around Quickly. 

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5 comments on “TAGP 33: 5 Unknown Reasons For Why Your Anxiety is Getting Worse

  1. mohamed Oct 10, 2016

    hiii dennis very lovely podcast…. the last one is i do alot.. comparing my self with others why only me… asking my friends reassuring always .. makes me comfort foe a while then anxiety gets worse .. u needed always to hear people telling me there is nothing wrong with u its only a matter of time and it will pass.. tht keeps my anxiety going i should tell my self tht im fine not always asking.. …my problem i get control on my anxiety for one day or 2 days then later i get v high anxiety … frustration comes .. negative thinking comes tht i will stay for the rest of my life like this .. thanks for v nice podcast dennis

    • Thank you for your amazing contributions Mohamed. feedback is very important for the anxiety guy podcast. So grateful you’ve noticed a few glaring patterns that contribute to your anxiety my friend. Onward and upward from here.

  2. mohamed Oct 12, 2016

    hi dennis i just watched u video about eht doctor canot tell u about u health anxiety.. and the tips.. yes ..sometime we need somebody to say tht we are ok ..norhing wrong with u.. u were talking about study ourselve and educate and read bout anxiety.. u are right.. i have educated my self i read dr caire book i know whts going on in my body and mind.. so tht why i dont go for medication . when u understand the anxiety is half of the cure u getting.. its only as u said the vision at the life .. problem with me i still get affected by the symptoms and panic .. u know when fear comes its paralyse u .. and frustration wht is our main problem .. im doing my best to lose respect of my symptoms and fear.. by the way .. in u podcast 33 the same things tht been happing to u is happying to me..only little deffernce.. i get deprssion and panic in the morning not evening .. but wht if comes when i go out …wht if i die any moment or faint .. i cannot say i do anything i like to do there are somethings im still afraid to do .. but as u said beforw baby steps ..

  3. Britanica Nov 11, 2016

    I have been on this cycle for a good 10 years plus the years of general anxiety in my teens. I know how it feels to go through it. I am really going to take your advice and make it work in my life. I know I am stuck in a cycle and it needs to end.

    • No one changes until they’ve suffered enough. I believe this, and was the trigger that sparked a shift with me also.