Is A Poor Self Image The Leading Cause For Your Stress And Anxiety?

August 26, 2014

I wanted to create a post on self-esteem and inferiority complex because I believe it ties in with stress and anxiety disorders quite well. Let’s start with a quick look-back at a popular movie…

I’m not sure if anyone has ever seen the movie called ‘Single White Female,’ but it’s about a character name Allie who was a very successful software designer in the big apple. Surprisingly Allie always found her rise up the ladder in her personal life and career life less than ideal.

One day Allie surprisingly asked her boyfriend to move out of their apartment. Allie opened up that space for a possible new roommate to come in to live with her. After a number of unhealthy roommate options that only fed her stress and anxiety levels more, she was finally able to settle on having a neat and shy woman named Hedy as her roommate.

Hedy Turned Out To Be Much Different Then When They Had First Met

Hedy began to turn obsessive over Allie. She would copy everything about her from her looks to the way she dressed. She literally assumed Allie’s identity as hers. In many ways Hedy found a deep sense of security in assuming the relatively more joyful life of Allie.

Hedy’s character greatly demonstrated the lonelinesss and perils of someone who suffers from what’s called inferiority complex, something incredibly common in today’s world. Many women especially the younger girls in today’s day and age consistently experience this form of low self-esteem, which usually leads to stress and anxiety at a young age.

An Inferiority Complex Is An Unwavering Feeling Of Never Being Able To Become ‘Good Enough’ Which Leads To Higher Levels Of Stress And Anxiety

It’s basically a never ending cycle of uncomfortableness about how they look, move and even speak. It’s a total lack of appreciation for one’s self and the feeling of inadequacy haunts them like a shadow day and night. Now if this sounds like you, than your conept of self-worth could be solely in the hands of the affirmations of the people you surround yourself with.

The constant need for approval from society is the underlying need for a person with low self-esteem. When someone like this lacks the social skills needed, he or she then begins to develop a self-pity mode which in my experience working with people leads them to the cycle of stress and anxiety.

So What Are Some Of The Causes Of Inferiority Complex?

Physical Causes – Possibly a physical defect or a complete lack of appreciation for your own physical appearance. Overweight issues, feeling too skinny or even being too short can all fuel the fire. Because of this, these people always think of themselves as less important than all the others out there (my YouTube channel can help with this).

Socio Economic Causes – Seeing the world around them living in much higher standards puts this person in the cycle of blame for not being able to provide a better life, not just for him or her but for the family also.

So What In The World To Do About The Ill-Effects Of low Self-Esteem That May Be leading You To Stress And Anxiety?

If you’re currently in this state listen closely, and write these tips down so you can study how they apply to you. Remember: It all starts with reflecting.

1) Don’t EVER compare yourself to another human being on this planet

2) Always participate in WORTHWHILE activities, moving with fear in the background strips it of it’s powers

3) learn to become a team player, work alongside others

4) Turn your focus around towards the positive sides of your life, there is nothing like being thankful for what you have

5) Research famous people like myself (totally kidding) to see how they’ve overcome their failures and adversities

6) Last but certainly not least, Do not neglect yourself. You can improve yourself and grow your confidence by going to school, going to seminars or workshops. Don’t ever limit yourself

Begin to understand these tips in this post, this is the start. Everyone you look up to today at some point in their lives has experienced the stress and anxiety that comes with inferiority complex (at different levels of course). So you can learn a lot from their struggles. So take the first step out of the cycle and the rest will fall into place soon.

What are some of your reasons for low self esteem and possibly inferiority complex? Share your life experiences in the comment section below, and let me know if I’ve missed anything.

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6 comments on “Is A Poor Self Image The Leading Cause For Your Stress And Anxiety?

  1. Sheikh Aug 29, 2014

    My self esteem is sometimes high, but that is probably because I am tired of being down all the time. I am tired of thinking that I am this and I am that, I am who I am.

  2. David Aug 29, 2014

    I think my self esteem is bad, I am always thinking about what others will say about me and I get effected a lot. I seem to call myself ugly,stupid, retarded a whole lot.

    • It took a while to accept myself and my differences as well David. I started looking at my differences as unique rather then something negative such as the way I questioned everything, turned into being curious rather then annoying. You are a unique being and there is only one of you. So embrace your differences and don’t follow societies conditioning. Be you and love you.

  3. I love your blog Dennis. Everything you said in this segment is 100% true.

    In reviewing the list of tips you provided for reversing self esteem, I agree with all of them, but especially agree with #6.

    Tip #6 is “Do not neglect yourself. You can improve yourself and grow your confidence by going to school, going to seminars or workshops. Don’t ever limit yourself.”

    This is so incredibly true. I find that if I am getting too stressed about anything in my life if I redirect my attention to doing something for someone else, reading a book, watching a self-help video or stopping to do something I enjoy. Believe it or not, it really helps so much.

    Thanks so much for all your inspiration Dennis.