Understanding Acupuncture For Anxiety & Other Ailments

January 31, 2019

“There Must Be Something To Acupuncture, You Never See Any Sick Porcupines.”

Acupuncture as an alternative medical practice, is now making headway in the Western world. It is now accepted as a drug-free treatment and method of stress relief. Practiced in China for more than 2,000 years, acupuncture is a therapeutic system that makes use of sterilized needles for the purpose of restoring the body’s equilibrium. The needles are inserted on specific vital points that correspond to a specific internal organ.

“My personal experiences with acupuncture for anxiety and other ailments is it gives me a deep sense of calm, and a feeling of energy flow, almost like lifting a log that has been blocking the flow of water on a river.”

The light insertion of the needle into a vital point is supposed to free the flow of internal energy or “chi.” According to Chinese medical theory, any blockage in the flow of chi in the body’s “energy streams” or meridians can an imbalance in the body — resulting to an illness. The natural flow of chi ensures a person’s general state of health. The focus of acupuncture is on restoring harmony in the flow of the chi throughout the body and, in the process, balancing the metaphysical concepts of yin and yang.

Acupuncture Benefits

Acupuncture is used to treat a wide range of ailments such as nausea, sinusitis, migraine headaches, lower back pain, knee pain, and chronic pain. Ancient Chinese texts also claim that the acupuncture can be used to treat minor mental and emotional problem such as anxiety disorder. For this reason, some even compare the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of acupuncture to the Western medical discipline of psychology. Both are seen as similar disciplines or therapy methods that have a positive effect on the mental health of people.

“The true benefits of acupuncture for anxiety are found in its efficacy as a non-invasive, drug-free means, also for alleviating a number of physical ailments.”

It is also used in conjunction with traditional Chinese herbal cures (watch the top teas for anxiety video here) that are perceived to be as effective as modern pills and medication. Acupuncture is concerned not only with providing cure to specific ailments. It is also used to determine the causes of physical discomforts and illnesses. Acupuncture practitioners make use of body charts that show the meridians or channels where internal energy flows to different parts of the body. These meridians correspond to the Western medicine layout of the central nervous system and circulatory system.

Studies are still being made by Western doctors and other scientists to determine the efficacy of this Eastern alternative form of healing (about time). Even if acupuncture is already accepted in different parts of the world as an alternative healing method, some quarters are still skeptical about its long-term effects.

East VS West

While there are still no research findings that make the curative claims about acupuncture absolutely undisputable, it is interesting to note the depth of understanding that the Chinese had about the inner workings of the human body thousands of years before the formal organization and practice of Western medicine.

Perhaps, one day, scientists will finally prove that the differences between Eastern and Western medicine is found mostly in culture and terminology; and that both systems are actually alike in terms of philosophy and theory in the use of the needle as a tool for healing.

Have you used acupuncture for anxiety and other ailments? If so, share your experiences In the comments below.

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10 comments on “Understanding Acupuncture For Anxiety & Other Ailments

  1. Nicki Connelly Jan 31, 2019

    I have been using acupunture every other week for five months. I would say that as a supplement, it is beneficial. I enjoy the sense of calm it brings me. I do think that my bloodwork is improved since I have been doing this practice. As far as anxiety, when I started I was not nor had ever been on meds. I had a medical event that hospitalized me due to years of severe anxiety. I finally had to break down and start taking Lexapro. I continue my acupunture along with medication. I wouldn’t say it cures anxiety but it is something you can do along with CBT and meds if needed as a bigger plan to wellness.

  2. kathy Castleman Feb 1, 2019

    as an avid fan and user of accupunture I must say there is nothing like it !! Its is amazing for the nervous sustem if you are living with anxiety( ps you dont have to live with it politely ask anxiety to move out) it works on all pain and relaxation ease be good to yourself and give accupuncture a try Namaste

  3. Sally Feb 1, 2019

    Accupuncture works for me. Hope it helps others. I am fortunate that my insurance covers it 100%…That it is covered, may be a good sign for the future in how this treatment is perceived in the medical community.

  4. eileen corado Feb 2, 2019

    Hi Dennis,
    Just reading over any lessons I have missed.
    The Acupuncture idea is something I go do TODAY! I believe deeply in body mind soul wellness. I have also incorporated Intermittent Fasting into my food science and lifestyle for diet. It has also changed my life. For me at 65, on low income SS, it mostly comes down to the $$ machine.
    Finding the best resources I can ( like your channel) is how I live my best. It makes it more of a challenge and I dig deep for blessings I find at little to no cost.
    Most holistic naturopathic clinitions do NOT take insurance. One visit could wipe out half of my monthly income. However…
    there are many many teachers,, mentors and programs( again like you) that bless me every day. I am learning more about Qigong, Tai Chi, and yoga. When I make my move ( I believe by the end of this month)
    I am going to search for these new body focused healing techniques. I can’t wait.

    • Your mindset over the past Youtube and blog post comments signifies a patient, understanding, and consistent approach. I believe good things are on the way for you Eileen. Thank you for being an inspiration for others as well through your responses.