St John’s Wort For Anxiety, Does It Work?

March 20, 2016

Many people ask me the question: ‘I’m taking St John’s Wort for anxiety, but will it work for me?

I first tell them that everything related to The Anxiety Guy podcast, the Facebook page etc is all one persons opinion on anxiety, and other mental health issues. But of course, having suffered from debilitating health anxiety for 6 years, as well as doing copious amounts of research on health anxiety does merit some kind quality feedback to others.

Right off the bat though, I have to say I love St Johns Wort for anxiety! After giving this anxiety herb a good 4 weeks before any sort of judgement, my overall moods improved, and I felt a sense of calm all around. Of course my mindset while taking St John’s Wort for anxiety was always to use it as a sidekick as I practiced my CBT to overcome my fears daily.

That Was The Key!

many people take supplements for anxiety thinking this could be the cure they’ve always been looking for. Little do they know, there is no medication or supplement that overcomes fear. That part you have to take on, head on. Europeans have used St Johns Wort for anxiety and depression for years, and I believe the news about its effectiveness is just recently hitting North America.

The nice thing is that St John’s Wort doesn’t appear to interact with most conventional drugs. Also to give you a better idea of how important St John’s Wort is to the Europeans, In Germany, a place where doctors regularly prescribe herbal remedies, St. John’s wort is by far the most common form of antidepressant, more widely used than the drugs Zoloft or Prozac because it has far fewer side effects.

To learn more about the great connection between St John’s Wort and anxiety make sure to watch the video at the bottom. You’ll find many answers to your questions when it comes to St John’s Wort For anxiety.

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17 comments on “St John’s Wort For Anxiety, Does It Work?

  1. Kelly Jackson Mar 27, 2016

    I have used St. Johns Wart, but I do not think that I was taking it long enough to really see any results. I might have to try that again.

  2. Holly Vincent Mar 27, 2016

    I am so glad that you mentioned this. My husband does not think that it works, but I take it and I feel GREAT!

  3. I agree w/ you about St John’s Wort working wonders for anxiety. I still have attacks but it has drastically reduced their severity and length of each attack.

  4. BAMBI Dec 13, 2017

    I started 3 days ago, there seems to be an immediate improvement in the mood but a few hours after taking I started having terrible headaches that went completely yesterday, now from yesterday I have terrible pain in the shoulder that started after the headache pain and my mood is really back to the starting point, very depressed and anxious.
    Note that I stopped SSRIs almost four months ago and I’m in the biggest hell I’ve ever been
    (The drugs did not help at all) so I know that everything can be withdrawn but not sure
    It is possible that if I reacted negatively to SSRIs, I would respond in the same way to SJW? I understood that they were working chemically in a similar way
    I know it’s early to see a change for the better but still when am I supposed to start seeing change?
    And can SJW cause the above pain?
    Sorry for the many questions, I’m really confused..
    I would appreciate your response


    • St Johns Wort usually takes about 8 weeks to see any kind of improvements. It’s very possible you could react similar to benzos as to St Johns Wort. I’m sorry to hear your pain as the withdrawals are something I hear about quite a bit through people I work with.

  5. Jennifer Dec 21, 2017

    My husband and I take a neuro clarity pill every day for mental alertness that has St John’s wort in it. I had forgotten to give it to us for a couple of days. This morning my husband awoke with anxiety and decided to take a pill. Within 30 minutes his anxiety had calmed and he was feeling good again. He has suffered from this anxiety/anxiousness for years, sometimes waking him in the middle of the night where he’d be unable to fall back to sleep. We never realized this pill was helping it. We were using it for mental alertness. It’s proof to us that St. John’s Wort really does significantly help anxiety.

  6. Nancy R. Mar 12, 2018

    I am trying St. John’s wort again after years free of anxiety I am now having night time panic attacks. It does seem to help. Is it safe to take every day for years? If I stop taking it will I start panicking again? I want to avoid chemicals if possible.Should I also be taking Valelerian?

    • Important to cycle through these meds instead of long term use. Can you use a few herbs in conjunction with each other, yes. A naturopath can help further. ❤️

  7. vic skaleski Apr 1, 2018

    My wife is taking Larazepam and Temazepam And nothingseems to be working. Our intent is to wean her
    off of these gradually. Will SJW began working in due time while she is getting off the meds if she starts taking
    SJW now.? T/Y Stan

    • Would have to talk to the doctors related to interactions but st johns wort by itself seems to work really well for people I’m coaching through my program.

  8. Hello, which tea brand do you recommend of st Johns wort? Which supplement? Thanks

  9. I expected St Johns Wort to work in a few weeks, as many people have said. What I found was that I felt an immense sense of ease within 30 minutes of taking the flower. Almost like popping a Xanax!