How Sugar Is Making You More Depressed By The Day

August 13, 2017

“Sugar Is 8 Times More Addictive Than Cocaine, Think About That.”

To some it’s a sweet treat and a culinary delight. To others, it’s a trigger for all kinds of health conditions and medical ailments. Type-2 diabetes for example, is considered by many doctors to be a pandemic and is one of the biggest causes of concern for health officials all over the globe.

What does this have to do with sugar?

Quite a lot, in that excessive consumption is what causes the condition in the first place. Sugar promotes obesity, it rots our teeth, and it has been linked with behavioural problems in children and young adults. It has also been very heavily linked with depression, which is why we’ll be looking at how sugar is making you more depressed by the day.

Listed below are a few ways in which sugar contributes towards, and enhances, depression and depression symptoms. Millions of people worldwide have given up sugar, or only consume it very sparingly, and we can understand why.

It causes quick weight gain – One of the main causes of depression in men and women alike, is concerns over their physical appearance, particularly their weight. People have been known to sink into deep depressions due to being overweight, or simply not being happy with their bodies. If you are struggling with your weight and it is making you depressed, too much sugar in your diet could be one of the main causes. Sugary foods and obesity go hand in hand with one another, and being overweight is a common trigger for depression and depression-like symptoms.

It causes changes to your brain chemistry – When we ingest glucose sugars, our pancreases instantly secrete insulin. Insulin is a hormone which forces sugar from your blood stream into your cells. The human brain however, does not store glucose like other parts of the body, so it uses it right away. The human brain requires twice as much energy as other parts of the body, and it is incredibly sensitive to changes in your blood sugar levels.

When it is consumed, endorphins are released. These are known as ‘happy chemicals’ as they make us feel happy. This is why people experience sugar rushes and feel happy when eating sugary food. This feeling doesn’t last however, and they wear off very quickly and become less potent very quickly as well. This causes a sudden dip in mood and can bring on depression and mood swings.

It can suppress hormone function – In the body, there are countless hormones – far too many for us to look at each one. One of which however, is known as BDNF or Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor. This is a protein responsible for optimal cognitive function. Sugar unfortunately suppresses the function and activity of this very hormone, which is thought to be a contributing factor to depression.

It uses up helpful vitamins – As well as causing hormonal imbalances, sugar can also lead to anxiety and depression by using up valuable vitamins which help to regulate our moods. In particular, it utilizes B vitamins which are vital for sustaining feelings of happiness and well-being. Without these vitamins, our moods therefore suffer and we find ourselves at risk of sinking deeper and deeper into depression.

I’m hoping the reasons above will be more than enough reason to begin lessening your sugar intake starting today. Get ready for improved mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health starting today.

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